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Broke My Ankle 4 Weeks In


All right... Nothing to much to say I guess. 4 weeks into my first tren cycle. I was running 80mg eod tren and loading test E at 400 mg/week. obviously I'm going to cut my losses. what am I looking at as far as pct? I've got nolva, clomid, and letro.


Just do a standard pct nolva 40 40 20 20 if you want to come off.


if you’ve got nolva on hand, you’re fine running that.

however, i think toremifine might have shown more beneficial effects on bone density in men… if you can get that, it might be worth it, as it could help with your ankle healing.

i will see if i can pull that info on tore/bones up…


Cool guys. Thanks.