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Broke Ass Gainer Advice


well here's the bold truth... runnin a little short on cash and can't afford cyto-gainer until september 9th, i'm kinda bummed but i'm wondering what other options i have to replace this gainer shake until i can afford the real deal. let me know what you think fellas.


How about real food?


I'm pretty tight of money I just bulk buy whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, dextrose, oats, creatine etc. Then make my own protein shakes, saved quite a bit of money and tailor the protein shakes to my depending on the circumstances.


You don't need a weight gainer to "gain" weight. Whole milk, peanut butter, egg whites, oats does the trick as a shake. If you have the luxury of protein powder, you can throw that in too/replace something with it. More importantly, real food in bigger than normal quantities is what you need.


Killed it on the 1st reply.


i eat real food, a shit ton in my opinion but its nice to have a shake readily available. i'm was looking for cheap shake replacements for on the go. like a generic whey or something. thanks ebomb.


buy a carton of eggs and a bag of sugar....

blend eggs and sugar

pour into bottle

cheap ass bulking beverage :smiley:


Uh.. this is what i do regardless - there is no need for anything else!