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Broke a.k.a. Little Protein Food. Still Hit the Gym?

So i was stupid and wasted my money and have been short on food for 1 week eating like 2k kcal with like 80-100 g protein pr day.

5 more days until payday. Should I just take the days off or still hit the gym? Im eating just carbs basically and some tuna.

i want to lift heavy, but see no point I wont be able to recuperate and be stronger next time or will i gain something from it?

you might not hit any PRs or build much in the way of muscle, but there’s a lot to be said for working out because you enjoy it.

If you really want to, just go for it.

you will probably be more sore but you could just go and do corrective things for your weak areas…Next time you go shopping but a ton of black beans gorund beef and rice, make that up with a little salsa and you have cheap clean meals…

I suggest one day of high-rep squats and one day of high-rep deads as penance for being a poor financial planner.

[quote=“malingo, post:1, topic:215439”]
have been short on food for 1 week eating like 2k kcal with like 80-100 g protein pr day.[/quote]
What do you weigh? Even if 100g protein is like, half a gram per pound of bodyweight, you won’t whither away in one week. I see no legit reason to change your training significantly.

Im 187lbs and usually tries to get 180-200 g protein pr day. Ur right I might go kill my legs tonight and cry my self to sleep later.:grinning: Maybe do a 20rep squat or something

I could get alot of kcal but from tmrw none of it will be meat, just plain rice and oats lol. no milk left haha. meaning maybe like 50 g protein from rice and oats. ill just pretend i had the fluu for one week lol

Lentils are cheap and a good source of protein.

See it as an oppurtunity to take a deload week so you can bounce back stronger -just cut back the volume of the main lift or only do heavy conditioning etc

I weigh 200 lbs, and I’m pretty lean, somewhat strong. I rarely get more than about 120 grams of protein in a day. I often get less. And I lift quite heavy several times a week.

Basically what I’m saying is, I disagree with anyone saying you won’t hit PR’s, or you should take a deload week. I think you’re probably consuming more protein than necessary on a regular basis.

You’ll be fine.

Wow, thats pretty sick, ur shredded in ur pic. Can I ask, ar u natty? @ flipcollar dafuq ur fuking shredded browsed ur log. I refuse to believe u eat that little at such weight while natty : P

However Im starting to think a insane protein intake is often just a waste of money. Especially if u buy red meat and chicken and fish, atleast in my country is very expensive.

and eating just 120g proteing pr day would make life easy mode lol. I think im going to experiment with lower protein intake and see how it affect strength gains.

how bout cutting, how do u keep protons?

I don’t cut, really. I just stay lean all the time.

I’m not natty. I was until about a year and a half ago. The picture below is just before I started using anything. Diet and leanness were about the same then. I’m just a bit bigger and stronger now. I think in this picture I was about 10 lbs lighter than my profile picture.

To clarify, I’m pretty sure Flip is referring to 120 grams of animal-based protein per day (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) Counting protein from grains/carb sources becomes tricky, at best, because of absorption issues, incomplete protein/amino acids, etc. So I wouldn’t “just” rely on protein from foods like rice and oats (or from vegetables, like some vegans are wont to do) and still expect to stay on track.

Yea good point. All I count are meat and shakes basically. It wouldn’t even cross my mind to count other sources, unless I ate a lot of soy protein, or lentils, or something similar. I don’t have any idea how my body would react to a diet based around high consumption of plant-sourced protein, as I’ve never done it. It’s not something I’d suggest.

But that being said, unless I’ve read this wrong, the OP is going to be getting meat-based protein after his 5 days of poverty, right? I thought he was only counting rice/oat protein until he had more money, and then he’d be back to 180-200g protein. I could be wrong there.

And lastly, I really don’t eat a ton of meat. Most of my protein comes from whey shakes and whole milk. I’m not saying this is necessarily ideal, it’s just what I do.

Dang my squat really suffered srs. I did 330 for 5 last monday. This monday I did 315 for only 3. Today i didnt even manage 286 for 5(did 4 then my form broke to hell lol). My bench, deadlift and OHP is fine tho.

As for protein inntake I only count protein from my meats, eggs, milk etc. not from carb sources except like last week where I only ate like carbs the last week of my two weeks of poverty lol.

i think i need to reboot my squat a bit

@flipcollar only getting 120 from quality sources is not so hard, thats like 400g meat, and 2 litres of milk and u have 140. Thats all u eat? for protein?

Yea, I really don’t eat a lot of meat. I get 75g protein during the day from a whey shake (3 scoops), I have a few glasses of milk per day, I eat some meat but not a lot. I don’t even always have meat for dinner. My wife likes to cook with vegetables and grains mostly. And then on days I work out, I get an extra 15 grams of protein from my workout shake. So on most weekdays, I’m probably getting 120-140 grams of protein, depending on what I eat for dinner.

On weekends, I don’t drink my weigh shake, but I drink more milk to compensate. So on weekends, I’m probably at 100-120g protein.

I eat A LOT of carbs. I’m drinking a milkshake right now, and eating french fries while I type this.

2 weeks of not eating well dropped your 5 rep squat max by more than 50 lbs? That seems unlikely. How consistent are you with your squatting depth?


i did smolov jr for squat bout 2 months ago. posted about it here. did 374 after. then hopped straight onto Texas method and did 286 3x5 and 330 x5 to highbar below 90degree. Its like i lost all my “pump” in my legs lol.

I think i should just squat 264 5x5 for one week to get the “pump” back into my legs and then try 315 for 5 again.

EDIT: man u look great for eating pretty casual. Whats ur lifts like?

I’ve squatted 545 no wraps, bench pressed 395, and deadlifted 605. I’m probably able to do about 625 on deadlift now, the other 2 are accurate maxes. Weighed 197 this morning.

I really have a hard time believing your squat dropped that much just from not eating well for 2 weeks. I’ve never experienced that before. I’m not calling you a liar, I’m just very surprised by that result. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me from not eating well. It could just be a form issue, or nervous system, or glycogen related. Muscularity should not have decreased as you’ve described. It takes much more time for muscle tissue to break down to that extent, unless you were eating almost nothing at all.

Yes I think its most definitely CNS or glycogen related. I dont know what happened, but on saturday i binge eated a shytload of candy and I tought id feel good, but I felt completely empty and got cramps in my muscles after monday session. i was also extremely sore. very strange. but its weird, its only my squat that suffered.

or another theory i have is that ive peaked on 330x5 and couldnt maintain that lift for any longer. Ill prolly need 2 weeks to get back in shape in my squat now.

and yes ive been eating very little. the last week was basically just oats except for saturday…

@flipcollar thats some serious number man. nice.

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did 330 3x3 today. I think we can say it was because I was completely depleted. However I used a different belt today, maybe that had something to do with it.