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Amen to your posts. As a former intelligence officer who had to cope with Bin Laden’s boys in Bosnia, they routinely referred to Westerners and Christians as “the Infidel Worshippers of the Cross.” Their mentality is black and white, us-versus-them and straight out of the 9th Century. War has been brought to our shores and we are in it up to our eyeballs. Nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen…etc. have long harbored, aided and encouraged Bin Ladens’s extremist efforts. Their track record on this is clear. My only regret is that I’m to old to get back in the effort. The pantheon of Americans who will spill their blood to keep us free is about to grow. May God bless their efforts with swift and sure victory.

Keep in mind that the US has funded groups (including the Osama Bin Laden allied Taliban) in all of those nations. You government, military and elected officials have created enemies through foriegn intervention (in Bosnia for example) and empowered them through hegemonic terror aid (they armed Iraq and trained and enabled the Taliban). The US and Isreal (although to a lesser extent) has issued ordinance that has cost hundreds of thousands of civillians their lives in efforts toward “middle east stability”. The US war machine is a failure, it has made deadly enemies, at best abberant allies, and left it’s own people in harm’s way. Aside from all of this, intellegence in the US is a huge failure. Until all of this is corrected and forgotten, there will be no victory. I am afraid the die was cast long ago.

We Indians are happy that USA is taking on the Taliban. May Allah bless you on your venture.

Colin: The hatred exists for other reasons besides just foreign intervention. If you’re gonna try to pass yourself off as an expert then do a little more research.

colin, there is always, ALWAYS, two sides to an argument. But one thing to remember, is that the U.S. has done what is in its’ own best interest…JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!! And what are you talking about U.S. Intelligence has failed?? I don’t know if you live in America or if you have ever gone through airport security here. It would be very little trouble to walk on to an airplane with a weapon. These attacks come as a surprise but it is not surprising that it happened as there have been movies and books written about this and how easy it would be. By the way America makes the best security equipment in the world, but is not used here as it is to expensive. Oh, and I guess your gonna say our intelligence failed because we did not know we have these terroists living here. Well we have this thing called FREEDOM here, and people believe in it FERVENTLY. It may come as a surprise that we don’t keep tabs on EVERY SINGLE PERSON LIVING HERE!! This is freedom. This is also the Dichotomy of freedom. One more thing before anybody buys into “snippets of news” propaganda(the one post about the U.S. Intelligence plane running into a Chinese fighter jet is “hilarious”…should I send you the footage of the jet fighter “cutting off” that U.S. plane, TIME AFTER TIME???)the whole story should be put out for everybody to judge what is right and wrong!!