Brock's New Attitude

'Im just posting to say, that personally I think Brock’s new attitude is great :)…For those of you who disagree, here’s my reasoning. We ask so much of this guy, and (me included) have asked many a pointless question, i.e. ones that have been answered, ones that we are answering in our question, and ones that are vague or just make no damn sense!!! Instead of raking on the guy, i am going to apologize for being one of the many idiots that asked pointless q’s…and i apologize…

So I’m going to make this q intelligent.
Having ranted that, i posted a while back, and you said (brock) to go on a much t as possible. I am 5"6 160 and want to get as big as possible to compete in pro ranks. I want to go with d-bol and sus250. i was going to ease in and taper down, but now ive read that yo should just go from your high dose right to the dose you would end with. if this is the case, what should my low dose be, if i want to do 500mgs a week of sus250(2 shots). I know that 2 shots is under the gram range you said, but this is as much as i can afford and can take now in my current situation( ie in school, dont want to kill anyone, and would rather see how i react to roids with a moderate cycle rather than just jump into it). I figure i can always go harder later. Anyway, im sorry for rambling, my q’s are, go from 500 a week of sus250 to what and at what point, and is 25-30 mgs of dbol per week enough? and will clomid be enough of an anti-e…if not what else should i take instead…and one thing that no one ever says, i dont hold you responsible for giving me advice…if i choose to take the advice i take the risk, not you. Thank you for your time, and if this question is dumb Brock, tell me!!! and then tell me why and how i can better word it… thank you for your time.