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me too. I really try this staff.

I’m in!

Call China, Brock…I’m in!

I would definitely buy it!

Out of curiousity, would Brockabol-250 be legal? Hate to sound like a wimp, but I’d get fired from my easy as hell, high paying job if for a misdeamor for possession. If it’d be legal, count me in.




Yes sir, I believe I would!

sho nuff, but finish my fina kit first.

When you say “esterify and then purify some 4-AD,” are you looking to see if it can be easily done or do you want this chem lab to make a bunch so you can test it. Contact me at my email address [NOT ALLOWED TO POST E-MAIL, BUT MOD SENT IT TO BROCK], because I could possible put you in touch with a very good organic synthesis guy, who may be able to help you out.

Count me in, too.

I would give it a try, why the hell not. If it will build muscle. I am a bio-chemist, but I don’t know if I can gat any grignard reagent. It is not that hard to make a girignard reagent though. A little brominated hydrocarbon, add some Magnesium, and you have a grignard reagent. A little harder then that, but not much.

e.g. CH3CH2-Br + Mg in (C2H5)2O => CH3CH2-Mg-Br (which is a grignard reagent).

If it is that much more potent than Androsol, I’m definately interested. Sounds like it could be expensive though. Would it be? If it is reasonably priced, I’ll buy some.


Sign me up!!!

of course you have to stick a needle in your ass, it would be better than Androsol–and brock if you do this–u are the fucking man

Call China. @:slight_smile:


I’m in for sure.