Everyone read the following that was posted by Brock and let’s see if we can really get him moving on this! I for one sign up! Anyone else?

"Here is another shocker - if I could get access to esterified 4-AD, like 4-AD diprop, 4-AD acetate, 4-AD laurate and 4-AD cyp or enanthate, I would make a 4-AD version of “Sustanon” and lemme tell you, I guarantee you it would destroy Sustanon both in terms of efficacy as well as decreased side effects.

I would call this concoction: “Brockabol-250” And I am sure it would sell like mad.

If there is anyone out there reading this who has access to a chem lab (legal of course) who wants to esterify and then purify some 4-AD for me, lemme know. You must be able to get or have a Grignard Reagent (DEA won’t lemme have it, boo hoo). Even if you can only make on ester, like 4-AD enanthate, it would rock. Heck, I should see if the Chinese can make this for me.

All people interested “raise you hand”. If I can get 100 different people to reply to this thread and say “yep, I would buy it” then it is time to call China :wink:

Seriously, this would kick some major ass!!! - BROCK"

Too right! Me too please!

I’d be interested.

My hand is raised!

Count me in!!!

Count me in

got my vote

If it makes me bigger, i will buy it!

Very interested

“yep, I’d buy it Brock”

Yessah!!,Ill buy it!

How would this product compare to Androsol?

I’m in, actually I’m sitting here waving my hands and screaming yahoo!:slight_smile:

Count me in sounds like it rocks!!!

If I don’t have to stick a needle in my ass, yes I’m in!


Word to your mother

I’ll buy a case, or two, or three, or…

Count me in !!!

As long as I don’t have to stick myself with needles I’m in.