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Brock, Wondering what happpened?

A few months ago you (Brock)posted on the forum that he would be running a fat fast trial for women only. I thought that this was perfect for my girlfriend, because I had finally taught her how to eat better and train. The only problem was that she wanted to take hydroxy cut crap?? because her friend uses it. I told her she needed to use the biotest products, we talked about it and she told me she would like to take part. I responded and recieved an e-mail from you (Brock) telling my girlfirned to wait for the trials protocols to be finalized and that was about a month and a half ago. I have e-mailed and so has my girlfriend but we have not recieved a response. Just wondering what happen. I know you are very busy but we have not heard back. Thank You

Just posting to bring it back up to the top and waiting for Brock’s response.

So far we can only speculate: either Brock is to busy with other projects to have carried it out, it didn’t work as planned, or the subjects didnt carry it out as planned. Is Lyle in on it too?

I am not sure if Lyle was in on it too. The only reason I posted here is because Brock replied to one e-mail and asked my girlfriend to be patient and as soon as he finalized the protocol he would reply (he said it would be a few weeks). We have not heard back from him for at least 6 weeks. Just wondering.

Just posted to refresh and hope Brock answers the post.