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Brock Training for UFC 106



I'm like a caged animal waiting to kill a.................bird.


haha, he probably had something better say, but then Dana White would yell at him again. lol


This was for Mir


Obviously not the smartest of people around. However no way in hell I'd say that to his face. Guy is a damn beast.


I actually have a buddy who is a MN native and his call to glory is a car came around a corner in downtown Minneapolis and almost hit him. He pounded on the car, flipped the people off and out of the backseat pops Brock Lesnar.

Apparently bloodied him up pretty good. This was many, many years ago and I have had the story confirmed. It was back while he was at the U and the guy recognized him immediately from a poster of him that was in their HS wrestling room.

How would you like to do something like that and have that son of a bitch get out of the car? Talk about a day that just took a turn for the worse.


That's so unlucky.


I'm not understanding the function of the guy on the ground getting pounded on repeatedly


I think he's actually supposed to be trying to bridge and try to get out from under Brock.


I was thinking about that.

Could you imagine showing up for work that morning.

"Good morning. What are we up to today?"

"Well, we figure we will have you lie on the ground and hold a completely inadequate pad over your head while Brock mounts and hammerfist and punches the shit out of you."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, can I get paid in advance today?"


The way I see it, training videos are just meant to hype a fighter up etc... They stuck his sparing partner under there to get hammered on and make Brock look like a "beast"


His sparring partner is a moron.

Check out :54.

"It felt like I was rolling down Mt. St. Everest."

Ok buddy.


yeah i guess they dont make them smart up down out there uh?


It must be the thin air up there getting to them.


Brocks the only fighter who could lose interest in his own analogy mid sentence.