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Brock, TC and Others: What Am I Being Protected FROM?

Glad to hear you’re interested. The viewpoints I espouse are distintly anarcho-capitalist. Anarcho-capitalism shares much political philosophy with objectivism, but relegates ALL functions to the free market, including those of protection, retribution, and arbitration.

Anarcho-capitalism is not a position for stupid people. Stupid people will look at it and say stupid things like, “Without a government, who would protect people from the evil corporations?” Rather, anarcho-capitalism is the position of the thinking person – one who chooses to use the intellect to reach beyond the rhetoric of the politically brainwashed, and see things as they are, embracing a system that, although not perfect (utopia is never an option), tends toward libertarian ideals, in the very same way that governments inevitably tend toward tyrrany.

The two books I recommend most highly are Machinery of Freedom and Law’s Order. These books will teach you more than just facts about history and governments. They will teach you a way of thinking that will fundamentally change your view of the world.

For more book recommendations, and more information generally on anarcho-capitalism, I recommend anarchism.net. Objectivist philosophy contains much good political theory, but is clouded by the fact that (1) objectivists do not believe the free market can provide better, cheaper services than the government in ALL cases (protection, retribution, & arbitration included), so it is possible to use their arguments for the free market against them; (2) objectivists base political philosophy on moral philosophy, which is a poor choice since Rand’s derivation of moral imperatives is extremely shoddy, and since moral philosophy in general is non-sensical. But you can still learn a lot from these sources and I do recommend reading them, perhaps after you have read some anarcho-capitalist material.

Good luck!