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Brock, TC and others Fat Fast

Hi guys here is my problem, I’m 23 6’ 210 35%bf, I need to shed 70 pounds of pure fat, I have 2 possibilities, cycling FF 4 weeks on, 6-8 weeks off and on again till I reach my goal, about 8%bf or adapting the female FF to me and my needs, keeping 50% of Kcal reduction but following the same pattern as the female FF, 6 phases, but making them shorter 3 weeks on and 1 week eating normal according Brock’s article (1/3 Prot 1/3 Carbs 1/3 Fat). I have a very slow metabolism, I calculated the rate thanks to Jeffrey Stout’s method which is in the article called “Adapting eating patterns to your body type” Here are the results: If I train 5 times/week I need 1585 Kcals a day 430 Prots 825 Carbs 335 Fat. Yes that’s not a lot, Now you understand my problem, and I’m sure about the figures, no doubts about them!!! So during my fat fast I will be about 800 Kcals a day, I still can adjust it if I see that it’s not enough. I also have a problem with the fat I have on my buttock and hips, I just can’t get rid of it, I’m 100% sure that it is estrogen induced may M and Yohimbe Fuel could help on that? If you have experienced the same thing let me know.I will do the Brock’s FF training and taking the following supps:M, MD6, Yohimbe Fuel(Twinlab), Androsol(70 sprays/day), Tribex 500, some Grow of course, a good multivitamin, Metamucil all per label instructions and also 25mcg of cytomel/day.
Once I’ll reach my goal I will readapt my body to carbs beginning by 10% of my Kcals intake the 1st week, 10% more each following weeks till I reach 52% which is according to Stout’s article what I need, then I will eat clean for 2-3 months ( maybe 1 shit day/week, I think I’ll need it) and then I will begin to bulk up following Steroids for health method or Mag-10, I think Steroids for health is longer but really worth it as I think the loss of the LBM gained during a Mag 10 cycle must be quite important, I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.
Thanx guys for giving me an answer and sharing your point of vue with me.