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Brock, T-men Fat Fast question

Hello guys,

I have a couple of questions regarding Fat Fast as I want to give it a go. First my stats, I’m 6, 220 lbs and a whopping 38% bf, I’m not very muscular even if this is what people think when they see me, this is only pure fat and my metabolism is very slow, I gain muscle quiet easily though especially my legs. I only eat clean food and managed to stabilize my weight as I know that it is the bases and also the start of a new life for me, I don’t want to be a fat bastard anymore and know that it will not be easy, but hey it’s worth it! I’ve done some work-out in the past and I love that, I had to stop though for professional reasons, but I want to start again and stick to it this time. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke and avoid any behavior of this kind as I consider that I’m lucky to have a good health and don’t want to have it wasted for stupid reasons, I might not be genetically very gifted but hey, I’m lucky enough not to be disabled! I think that I need to shed 70 lbs of this fat, and FF would be one of the solutions, I’ve read several articles about this diet including one called "The Laurie Dunsill experience " in which Brock helped a girl loosing some weight. He had divided the diet into 6 phases of 6 weeks each, that sounds very interesting to me, I could split the diet into several phases of 4 weeks, 3 on FF and 1 off only eating on my current REE/BMR for instance, but the thing is that I plan on using cytomel and T2 as my metabolism is slow I don’t want it to slow down even more during the process, I will definitely need to give a rest to my thyroid during it though, so I’m not sure that this is the right solution.By the way I have quiet a lot of Biotest supps, 16 low carb Grow! bottles, 5 ZMAs, 16 MD6s, 20 Ms, 20 Tribex 500, 15 T2, 450 pills of cytomel 25mg, 500 caps of yohimbe Twinlab, 12 4ad-ec, 6 Methoxy 7, 10 mag 10 and 4 boxes of Grow! bars. I also have more than 2 gallons of flaxseed oil, I know this is quiet impressive, I sometimes feel like I live in a GNC store! I will obviously keep a part of them for when I want to bulk up in a few months. I forgot to tell you but I also have a Tanita scale to monitor my progress.

So, all that might be quiet confusing but basically I’d like you to give me some advice on this splitted diet and tell me what I can do regarding this thyroid issue, the only solution I can think of is going on a 6 weeks on 4 weeks off diet that I could repeat a second time, that would help me shedding a lot of fat then stabilizing my weight for a couple of months and going on T-dawg till I reach my goal but it seems very difficult to achieve even though I’m very motivated, I’m still a human being.

So if you could give me your opinion on all this and maybe adding some advice on how to do it that would be very appreciated.

Thank you and keep up the Great work you guys do at T-mag.


I am 5’6" tall. When I decided to start training I was 2 months shy of being 37 years old. I weighed 225 lbs and probably 30%+ in bodyfat. I lost 40 lbs in the space of 4 months. Yes I lost some LBM but I was tired of having a spare tire. I had a really experienced training partner who showed me the ropes for weight training and nutrition. I lost the weight by doing basic exercises, lots of cardio and eating clean. I think that sometimes people get caught up in supplements and special programs. The only supplement I used when I first started was a protein powder. IMO, it is hard to tell what supps are working and what are not when you bombard your body with a bunch of them at once. I am sure that someone else will tell you what supps to use but I think the first thing to do is get trainig with basic compound movements and doing the cardio. Good Luck!