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Brock Strasser...Got a question for ya...

Okay, I’ve searched all over the T-mag forum searching for a post you made two or so months ago about your T-levels and, for the love of myself, I can’t find it! I remember you had your blood tested and your T-levels came back some ungodly number like 1920ng/dec. I remember you mentioning that the only things you were taking were like Tribex and some of the ingredients in “M” (I don’t think your were at liberty to say which ingredients at the time because “M” hadn’t been put on the market yet) Anyway, my question to you is, what and how much of these things were you taking? Also, what would you recommend taking to increase natural T-levels to the max to increase strength, size and possibly libido? I was looking at things like Tribex 500, “M”, and vitex but am open to all suggestions, let me know if you have a specific recipe. Thanks

Brock attributed the increase to Vitex and the rec.dosage was 400 mg ED.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if he was taking anything else to boost his levels up that high? That seems pretty high, even for just vitex.