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Brock Lesnar's Striking


My coach (paulson) talking about it-


Word is Franks been working on his hands too... Its going to be a fucking ugly fight thats for sure.


Paulson mentioned exactly what your buddy pretty much said about speed in retracting your strikes....good shit.

Also,@ about 1:29...I noticed Brock didn't take that body shot very well....he dropped his hands completely. But he got him back at 2:00...caught him slipping with not retracting that lead hand back.


It's really surprising how often you see guys in MMA not retracting their strikes. That was one of the first things that was drilled into me. Good to see Paulson emphasizing this to Brock.

And Brock is going to be one scary dude if he develops into a good striker. Add in a solid submission game and I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes his career with a Fedoresque MMA record.


Hi, whats Paulsons gym like? Is it mainly full of great submission guys, any world class wrestler/ strikers there? Who are some of the fighters who train their, Barnett, Babulu? Cheers, i'm thinking of going out there one day,


I must be a hater- I still dont get the hype machine-
maybe I am not that impressed with super huge athletic types-
I guess when I see people that large- I assume they are very capable.

I will say he is a very good learner- that he looks quit coachable-in that he does the work
as needed.



I think personally that what his trainers have said, this fight is gonna end quickly courtesy of Lesnar. Not necessarily a fan of him but I think the last fight was his with the exception of an amature mistake. He has dwelled on that and as long as he can control his desire to seek revenge and not overstep his bounds he will do quick work.

Just like all sports you always hear you can't teach size, well he is a genetic freak in all aspects and he's got the drive as well.


Also I cant stand the deathclutch or what ever the fug they are calling their camp.



If I were Mir, I'd be working on developing some Ernesto Hoost-esque low kicks... And just try and break Lesnar's legs in rd 1.


Good observation on 1:29. Inability to take a shot to the body is a big weakness and it amazes me they would release a video with that a week before the fight.


Ideal rizza but kicks like that gives your oponent an opening and the way lesnar bullrushes it may make things difficult. Good call on the hoost style low kicks I just think Lesnar is gonna be pissy.


Mir HAS to be able kick box Lesnar since Brock will be the one deciding where the fight stays (unfortunately) due to his immense strength. And I don't mean the usually sloppy strikes most MMA guys use. He absolutely cannot afford to eat any easy punches. He has to stick and move, kick and circle, 'dodge the train' that is Brock Lesnar. But sometimes guys wanna stand and bang, but doing that with Brock would be a fools errand for Mir.


I'm wondering if Mir is doing some pyscho babble sayin he can stand up with Lesnar because it seems he has been throwing some verbal jabs. Lesnar has brought in some big names for training on basics when it comes to standup and I think that will pay dividends.


For some reason he looked out of shape to me. I hope it's just because it was the end of the sessions and he was just tired. Even when he took that body shot it looked like an "I'm tired, I'll drop my hands I can't take this shit" reaction.

Never know it could be a boxing strategy and just setting Mir up.


Agreed, that is how Mir has to fight this fight. But, like jcoop mentioned, kicking puts you on one foot which decreases mobility and balance and you also run the risk of having the foot caught. I think that if he's going to try to use kicks, he's best off using them at the end of his combinations, or throwing very quick lead leg inside leg kicks and using them to set up punches to the head.

He's got to figure out what type of defender Brock is though and then go from there. One of the hardest things for him about this fight is that there is so little tape to study on Brock. That and the fact that Brock is developing at such a rapid pace. Mir will have to be basically figuring him out in the cage.


It may be a tactic, trying to hype up his standup, but planning to go to the ground instead. Either way, its a long shot for Mir. I don't think Lesnar will get caught in an easy submission like last time. And so far, Lesnar's chin seems really solid. Randy hit him with several good shots and he was unfazed. I'm hoping Mir pulls it off, I just don't see how.


True...also,Mir is hyping himself as an accomplished striker....which he is not. If he were,he would be setting up his low kicks instead of telegraphing them like he did in their first fight.

Leg kicks are devastating....only when used properly....something that doesn't happen enough in MMA. 90% of guys in UFC don't know how to set up their kicks....Mir being one of them. For Brock's reach..and power,it is too risky to be throwing sloppy strikes...especially leg kicks.

Attacking the inside leg would be ideal against Lesnar...and I doubt that we see Mir doing so. Hell,Mir stood right in front of him...never on his outside shoulder or using footwork. I really want to see how he has improved his striking game...since he's convinced that he's K-1 material since TKO'ing Nogueira.


My feelings too. Watching alot of Muay Thai and K-1 fights, sometimes the winner is the guy who has the stronger leg kicks. Alain Ngalani is one guy I wish more people would watch and emulate. Intensely powerful, but his leg kicks! I think he could kill you by kicking your leg.
I love me some leg kicks, they are insanely effective.

Anyway, I don't think Lesnar is THAT good a striker, neither of these guys are that good at boxing. They're no Roy Jones Jrs. Neither of them are Tyson, or Lewis. It's cool Brock has learned some better punching technique, but he's not throwing any high kicks like Vera. I think he's gonna rush into something and get caught in a sub. Remember, he didn't knock Mir out last time or TKO him with his 'insane' gnp. I don't think he will this time either.


well stated again Rizza, it's a shame a lot of people didn't get the chance to see mirko in his prime when he would ruin people with his kicks. They are seeing an older, battered version...he has landed some of the most devastating kicks I've ever seen and that's what it would take to chop down the tree that is Lesnar.

I personally don't think Lesnar is a great striker either, even though they say he landed 38 or so punches in 14 seconds against Couture, how much damage will a 2-3 inch punch really do? Granted it won't feel good, may score points, but the overall effectiveness is in question in my opinion (which isn't a highly touted opinion).

Unless Mir catches Brock slippin' again I just don't see him taking the belt from him right now, could be wrong but I'm not seeing it.
Like Sento said, he is developing extremely fast and seems to be an apt pupil, roughly 2 1/2 years in mma with a strong wrestling background is solid. He did look tired in his training vid but those mFer's put in long hours in a gym.

I'd be laid up on the mat using some pads as pillows to be honest.


Well,I was aiming more towards the point of setting up leg kicks being absent in MMA. Even in K-1,the top contenders set up their kicks with their hands and/or footwork.