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Brock Lesnar Taining Video


Don't know if this has been posted before:

He moves so well for his size and is so athletic (Flexible yet strong and quick) it's damn scary.

Most here will like the first quote he gives... "I always train in little hole of the wall gyms"

Can't wait till I can build my own little 'dungeon' :slightly_smiling:


So how about all that ice...


Wow, that guy is scary. Go Gophers!


It's not that bad if you sit still and make sure only your head pokes out. Great against soreness.


explains alot as to why he was a natural the moment he stepped in the ring.


Don't forget the push-ups.


Shhhh don't mention fucking push ups!


It's okay, our self-proclaimed prince of the pubic bone is out for the weekend doing some guitar jammin'.


He picked up that log pretty damn fast. I could see him doing the next Xyience commercial...

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World.

Bdfone. Out.


Yea and that log is apparently 180lbs

Let that sink in.

Dear god he's strong.


The first few minutes are pretty nasty. As soon as your heart and lungs get submerged in water that cold your body wants to panic. After your breathing settles down it's not so bad. But shivering for an hour or two afterwards sucks. I used to do that after every football practice during camp and every home game. It's a miracle cure for soreness.


That was a great training clip that helped get Brock over for his match against the Rock at SummerSlam '02. Kind of like Rocky IV and how they had the training montage with Rocky and Drago, WWE did the same thing with Brock and Rock. Brock was out working out in these old barns and stuff and Rock was at the University of Miami's college gym, doing a lot of Olympic lifts and plyometrics. It really did help to build excitement for that match and it's something WWE should do again.


I second that - best thing ever for getting rid of muscle soreness. But for the first few minutes in the tub it feels like your boys down there are going to shrivel off. Just pure agony. And I can't ever ease myself into the tub, I've gotta bite the bullet and jump right in. I've got a little board that goes across the top of the tub so I can put a magazine on it and read to help get my mind off my frozen nuts.



That guy is in incredible condition for a man of any size!

Very motivational clip.

Thanks Xen.


The guy is a beast! The way he scoops that 180lb log off the floor makes my nipples hard with envy. But forgive my ignorance, isn't the WWE one big act? I mean I understand that there are still tremendous athletes involved, but surely how they train doesn't determine the outcome of the match as say, the executives?

Nonetheless that guy is inspiring, and I dig his 'sticks' warm-up.



I forgot to mention I really like the looks of 'The Drill'. What he says makes sense, and it looks like quite a good conditioning exercise that would definitely promote quickness on the matt and powerful hips. I think that will be a new addition to my conditioning phase!

Oh, and thanks Xen for posting the clip. I love these kinds of videos, watching top athletes either training or performing. It really does inspire and motivate! I think a athletic videos thread should be made where everyone can compile an extensive database of inspiring, motivating, entertaining and educating clips. (hint, hint Xen) :wink:



I always wonder why wrestlers (like that maniac) haven't put to rest the old myth of lumbering giants who only pose, and little else.

That guy exhibits superior athletic skill on top of being as big and strong as he is. Proof that muscle, of all things, does not fucking slow anyone down.

He is very impressive.


Where can one get one of those tubs? I want one and can never seem to find them. There just a metal tub right?




You guys knew Lesnar won the 2000 NCAA wrestling championships as a heavyweight with the University of Minnesota, right?