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Brock Lesnar Has No Class




Got that right.

Problem is, he's just a big son of a bitch. I think if he were 30 pounds lighter he wouldn't give people neeearly the problems he does, but oh well.

I wonder who in the UFC takes him out? Maybe Shane Carwin?


no shit, i wanted mir to tear his arm or leg off, hope carwin puts him to sleep. fuck! i was pulling for mir.


I am so god damn mad right now.


That's exactly what I said after his interview. What a douchebag.


You guys beat me to it, fair shout he won, he's the champ, that ain't in question but show some grace you prick!!


I got mixed feelings... I called the win for Brock...in fact I called this card 100%. I'm not a big fan of Brock acting like an ass...but that said..people talked a lot of shit about him...

Good luck with the piss test.


Bonus points for Mir after the fight.


I'm saying this right now...

Mir wants NO PART of a rematch. None.


i watched it streaming and it cut out after the stoppage, give me the skinny on the post fight interview and what did mir do that was classy?


Brock flipped off the crowd..said he was drinking a coors cause Bud would not pay him...said something about :talk shit now...

Mir said: hey I made a mistake with a big strong guy..no excuse.


Three or four "security guards" ran into the ring to control Brock... They looked like they came straight from an old age home..they where going to do what exactly?


Brock abused Mir the whole fight.


Sue him for all the money he's not spending because he bumped into them?

That's what I'd do.

Mir said it best, he made a mistake. Armchair general here, but could he have done anything to stuff that last takedown, or at least maintain striking range for longer?


thanks, i'll catch the replays tomorrow, that cock lensar is a big dude, however he looks smaller lately in the arms and shoulders which is likely because of the mma training.


Well to be fair... Brock is what...40 50 pounds heavier by fight time...


I think Mir was not concerned ENOUGH about fighting from the back...
Mir's game plan looked like he didn't mind being off his feet.


I am in no way defending him but I will say this if someone talked that much shit to me I would go off on him too after I destroyed him.


The answer to Brock's demise is Fedor. I liked how Mir after the first round ended, got up and smiled