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Brock is a hottie!!!

OMG, Brock is fine. Do I feel dumb or
what? I was one of those people who was
sure he was fat and bald because TMAG never
put up his photos before this. Sounded like
he had something to hide.

T-Men please take a good look at what Brock looks like, well except for the hair cut. Us T-Vixens like our men to look just like Brock does. Maybe a little bit more toned but you get the idea from Brock's photos this week in reader mail.

He’s not too huge and he has it all in the
best places. Way to go Brock, you look
great honey. Now if only I can get my man
to work so he looks like you do :frowning:


And in case you missed it, John Berardi has his pics in his current article. And I got a letter posted in reader mail!!! Yeah!

Hey everyone is getting their pic posted but me! I’m jealous! :slight_smile:

Steel V: I’ve been trying for a MONTH to get the guy to become the official “Love Doctor” for all us T-Men; sort of the “Dr. Ruth” for Muscleheads. (I don’t want to begin to beat a dead horse; it can really get old. But if you don’t know already, and for those new to the site, you HAVE to get the BrockMiester to tell you about the first few dates with his honey!) (smile! :)-----!!! I’ll leave that up to him!

Why not set up a forum picture page for all those that want to have their pic put up?

Believe me, I DID NOT miss John’s pics. DAMN :slight_smile: . And I thought he was probably an old guy because he has so much knowledge.

Hey Brock, is this Donna the one you wrote about on another message board?

What’s wrong with the hair-cut???

Wonder if he’s even seen this post…if not, he should. It’s not often someone makes the subject of a post that someone else is hot. He deserves to at least get a nice ego trip off of it. :slight_smile: