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Brock, I need your help

Brock, please help us. What’s the real story on oxymetholone? I’ve heard everything from one Anadrol-50 will turn your liver into a blob of jelly, to all the weight gain is water and will be lost, to it’s the best anabolic ever. What’s the deal? I’m sick of being a skinny guy and want some muscle fast. I have easy access to it, and I really need to know whether or not and HOW I should take it to avoid liver damage, hair loss, and to keep the gains. Thanks for being the coolest drug expert out there.

It’s toxicity is over rated and 50mg per day
for 60 days will not really hurt you provided
you’re otherwise healthy. It’s not really
a wonderful drug to use by itself, I would
add stanozolol.

I used A-50 and nothing else and my liver did
not fall out!!!


Okay, cool. Knowing that my liver won’t explode gives me a warm fuzzy on the inside. I have 3 very quick questions for you though.

One, would nandrolone (ie N-17E) be a better choice than stanazolol given that it’s not 17-alpha alkylated and doesn’t have as many complications with hair loss?

Two, what should I do to keep the gains assuming I’ll be on an eight week cycle?

Three, would it be appropriate to use Propecia and clomid during and after this eight week cycle? I’m pretty concerned with hair loss.

I think N-17E will work better than stanozolol because it’s a class I steroid. If I’m not mistaken Anadrol is a class II, so they should stack well together.

I believe Brock is suggesting the use of stanozolol for its anti-progestagenic effect, not because of any class I or II reference. I have yet to see any studies proving this or that oxymetholone has progestagenic effects. I think that Bill Roberts has come to these conclusions based on empirical evidence. He may very well be correct. If anyone knows of any information regarding these drugs’ actions in this regard please lead me to the studies or literature.

I’ve never heard that Anadrol was progestagenic. I know Deca is, so it wouldn’t be wise to stack the two together if that’s the case. Does anyone know if Anadrol has progestagenic activity?

I’ve never heard what Bill has to say about oxymetholone either. From everything I’ve read, Brock is usually a little more kamikaze, which is cool with me. But I’d like to hear what our more “conservative” steroid expert has to say as well.

And I’m still not sure which would be better to include in the stack- nandrolone or stanazolol. I’m planning on N-17E, which would be a hell of a lot easier to get considering that it’ll be legal.