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Brock--Bill said to ask you

Bill told me to ask your opinion on my question about Winstrol- Orals versus injectable. My question is whether or not injectable winstrol made by Organon is dangerous for the body because is it made for vet. purposes. I can get Winny tabs or injectable straight from Organon so I was wondering what was the best cycle–6 weeks- either Injectable at 100 mgs.-every other day($450)—or orals at 50 mgs every day($500). I am 22 and been lifting seriously for about 4 years. Weighing 205-210 pounds at 5’9", 14-14% bodyfat. I am trying to improve my draft status and think winstrol can help me athletically–by helping me get strong, big and lean out. I just dont know which would be better for me to use–the injectables or orals. I ahve never used any drugs before but have used supps like Tribex, Methoxy, Ribose, and Androsol. thanks Brock–I really appreciate your help.

Actually, just try the “search by author” feature and you’ll find a couple of posts where I answered your question where you asked it before.

Bill, I have decided on the orals–Thanks for all your help-You def. have made my decision making very informative and I thank you. I was wondering if it matters when I take the orals–I am going to take 10 mg–5 times per day. Do I have to take them with food? Can I take vitamins, milk thistle, or any other supplement at the same time? My buddy is doing the injectable winny and he has some extra ampules of winny left over–should I do a 150mg shot on day 1 and then do the orals every day after that–or just do the orals? thanks Bill.

Whether you mix the injections plus orals, or orals only, is really up to you and according to what you have available. Either will work fine.

Taking Winstrol five times per day, the exact times don’t matter but fairly even spacing keeps levels consistent. I’d recommend every 5 hours approximately, and yes, that includes a dose in the middle of the night! Already added to your protein drink you have ready. This doesn’t apply if you don’t naturally wake up lightly (even half asleep or something) anytime in the middle of the night. If you’re going to be dead to the world for 8 hours or more, then just take the last dose right before bed and then one right away on awakening. However I have the impression (not proof) that early AM doses are particularly beneficial so I hate missing them! :slight_smile: