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Broccoli & Serving Veggies


Bolied, Steamed or grilled, I have fell in love with it (served with chicken ofcourse).

What is the better way to serve veggies?


steamed. I believe that boiling ruins some of the nutrients.


Depends on how long you boil them. If you just blanche them (hot water for under three minutes) you retain the majority of the nutrients.

I like them grilled and it is convienient since I'm usually grilling up chicken and a lot of other stuff.

Steamed is just as easy if you are cooking on the stove top.

Overall, any of those choices is good if you don't want them raw.


I agree. Steam till vibrant green. That's enough.


cheers guys, also, fresh or frozen?? does it matter?


Definitely steamed, and drizzled with olive oil.


I always buy fresh, not frozen vegetables. But I do buy frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries.....


i think i have a steamer too...sweet :wink:



Frozen are best, as they are picked at the best time and have the most nutrients. And they keep longer!

However, fresh always taste great, and as long as you use them before they over-ripen, there is no problem with that as well.

Use both. I've switched to more frozen stuff for convenience and so I don't waste food (too many fresh things go bad fast). It's also inexpensive to shop in bulk and buy large quantities of frozen veggies.