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Broccoli Clean Out


I have been feeling bad lately, sluggish and without muchof an appetite. I have also been getting heartburn frequently. It seems like when I eat a 1 pound sack of broccolli everyday, that I don't get heartburn. I was wondering if eating 3 pounds of broccoli a day for a few days would clean me out, and maybe get me back to feeling good.

Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions?


I ate a whole bag of spinach in a sitting before. THAT will clean you out!


christ that's a lot of f'n broccoli.


Don't some people get the winter blues?

Apples will get you cleaned out, but maybe you need some sunlight and endorphins.

Do something you enjoy or that scares you a little.

and of course I am a great advocate of coffee. GOOD coffee.


Well, if no one thinks the broccolli will work, does anyone know any ways to try detoxing or something?


google "bieler's broth". don't be scared by all the hippie sites that come up . the shit works for real.