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Broadening Shoulders (Not the Muscle)

the only part of the shoulder girlde which can ‘expand’ is the scapulae. however this is not a bone growth or structural change, rather a postural change which is common among bodybuilders. due to large amounts of chest work bodybuilders develop a rounded shoulder posture. you get width from muscle of the deltoids, not from biacromial length increases.

also the notion that pull overs expands your ribs is absurd. rib cage sie is determined by lung sie. in orer for the ribs to get bigge the luns would need to stretch which i not possible. more than likely anecdotal evidence shows and increse in seratus anterior hypertrophy

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
IMO, the shoulder girdle will grow when exposed to heavy loads.

just keep lifting.[/quote]

opinions are as good as a guess when it comes to science. you need evidence to back up everything

[quote]ahzaz wrote:
I hear that your jaw and shoulders are the last thing to grow, and usually a spurt between 18-21 is when both of them boom.[/quote]

Exactly. By the time you are 21-22, your shoulders (bone structure) will be fully developed.

In the meantime, just lift and work on getting bigger and stronger. You can’t control the width of your shoulders (bone structure) but you can definitely make them appear wider through proper training.

Well just to throw it out there the whole chest expansion thing does have a lot of anecdotal evidence. Like up there with the ‘if you work on cars and tractors all day you will have freaky forearms’ idea. “back in the day” one of popular poses for body building contests was the chest expansion. A lot of guys got really good at this and eventually, the theory goes Taking huge breaths and stretching the ribcage can loosen up and stretch the fascia and intercostal muscles. This can give the chest a more rounded appearance and increase chest measurements. Essentially getting more bang for your buck with the same bone structure.

Ellington Darden also mentions that although major structural changes are unlikely for older guys but before the 20’s the ribs are fixed to the sternum by caritlage that hasn’t yet calcified. The idea then being to stretch that out by doing pullovers and deep breathing during exercise so that the final shape of the ribcage has a more expanded look.

In the end your size is going to be mostly affected by your genetics and I would agree with everyone that gaining a ton of weight via muscle is your best option. Get Larry scott shoulders and know one will bug you about your tiny frame,

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
LiveFromThe781 wrote:
the reason its anecdotal is because theres no real support to back it.

and why would it only be your shoulders? why wouldnt your legs get longer, why wouldnt your wrists get bigger or your fingers get longer? why would you grow in only the shoulders? it really makes no sense to me.

while theres also no evidence of rib cages getting bigger its more plausible that your lungs would expand them than to say your bones would just decide to grow.

Why would my legs get longer if my hammys/quads got bigger. Your ribcage, and surrounding structure needs to get larger as you gain muscle. I don’t know about you, but I got a lot broader shoulders putting on 70 pounds. And there’s no way I added several inches onto my delts. And there’s no way puberty in and itself is solely responsible.[/quote]

i dont know why theyd get longer, i dont think they would. but why would your shoulders get wider from deadlifting? my forearms got bigger from holding heavy weights. my bone didnt increase the muscle just got bigger. i dont know why a muscle would get bigger im not an orthopedic doctor but i cant seem to think of a reason why no bone would ever get bigger but your shoulders why would it be isolated there out of all the bones in your body whats so special about shoulders?

[quote]walrusgod wrote:
I’m new on the forums but I’ve been on the site before, read articles and so on. I’m 16, very nearly 17, 6’2 and weigh about 13 stone (I’ve gotten a bit fat recently as I was injured for a year, but I’m naturally very skinny). I know that increasing muscle mass will help.

So, is it possible at my age to broaden the underlying structure (bones) of my chest and shoulders? I know that testosterone does this, but I’m not sure if actively trying to increase my testosterone will make any difference. And if so, how much and how?

Thanks in advance.[/quote]

seated rows and sit up right, stand up right 24/7

it really is that simple