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Broadband Cards


Looking to get my old man some high speed connectivity, now that I've brought him into the tech age. He lives in a rural area with no cable and even DSL is going to be a long run back to the CO, so that's a shitty option. Decided to get him a broadband card, since the cell service with VZW is damn near full bars at his house. I already have VZW service on my personal phones and wanted to add the card to it and give it to him. Checking the website, it looks like they only offer 4G cards that are backward compatible to 3G and they get horrible reviews in the majority of posts. Everyone wishes they didn't upgrade their old card. I'm trying to do something nice for him, but don't want this to backfire and become a tech nightmare. Bottom line:

Anyone have a Verizon broadband card that was recently purchased and can comment?

Is it still possible to get the more reliable 3G cards?

How much stock should I put in the reviews, seeing it's very location dependent and who knows the technical level of most people using these?

We most certainly don't have 4G here and probably won't in the foreseeable future. It would be convenient to keep it all on one bill, but I'd jump ship to another provider if needed. Typically around here ATT/Sprint blows, which is why it was a bummer to see negative comments for Verizon.


I wouldn't trust the comments, you get a 14 day return policy with VZW, use it to your advantage. I don't usually like the USB installed cards, I prefer the internals of the mifi or what ever VZW calls theirs.

I had a good VZW usb card a few years back, it was nice.


Thanks. Comments are tricky, because it seems 1/2 legitimately had disconnect problems, and the other 1/2 just expect too much. I'm hopeful the advantage of not moving around (it will be hooked to a desktop) will make the outcome a little more predictable.


It should.

If at all possible look for the one you can pick up an external antenna for ( rather attach to ). Then you can but a better antenna that you can use the pigtail to get it higher in the air if needed, or closer to a window.