Broad shoulders and nice ass....

What are the bext exercises to develop broad strong shoulders(and all the 3 delt heads)?

What about carving up some nice ass? What exercises?

It may seem stupid but it’s also part of training.Peace.

Butt answers: #1) low bodyfat #2) squats, deads, lunges, etc. Read the Short Topic article at T-mag called ‘great ass lunges’ for a routine

Shoulders- I think most people overdo shoulders, especially since they’re hit with other movements already. I do overhead presses, sometimes lateral raises, and shrugs. That’s it. And I don’t do them all that often, maybe a couple of sets of each once a week. Yet I always get nice compliments on shoulders.

glute ham raises for hamstrings and ass. hope you are a women. deep squats.

some kind of full range shoulder press.

For lower back/ass do lots of pulling movements like deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts, snatch/clean pulls & oly lifts. For shoulders do any overhead lift like strict press, push press or jerks.

overheard presses (plus bent over rows for the poserior head) helped me the most for shoulders…

Unless your shoulders are especially underdeveloped, working them on top of your pushing chest movements and pulling back movements is probably not super-beneficial. When working you back, the posterior delt is hit, and the anterior delt is hit when working your chest (compound movements of course). Its my personal belief that for the upper-body, you push and pull in both horizontal and vertical planes - its as simple as that! If you cover those variations with compound movements, the only part of the delt that might not get enough action for the visual development you’re looking for is the medial deltoid. Consequently, throw in some lateral raises or upright rows if you must.

As for the nice ass you’re after, you can’t go past squatting and deadlifting. Use a wider stance and you’ll hit it more. Additionally, sprinting may help.

Best of luck.

Thanks fellaS! I will take your advices!