Bro Won British Schools 2011

Little bro won British Schools 2011 Champs : Year 11 (U17)

bw 61.05, was 62.3xx last week, eased up on breakfast and water the day off. No biggie. Going to be his last comp as a 62, and moving on to the 69’s.

68x failed due to hurting his wrist somehow

Goes in to the C&J phase joint first in the Snatch

87 his nearest competitor did 82 before him
His nearest competitor just failed 88, bros got him on bw as they both Snatched 70, so the other guy needs to lift more then my bro to win,
88 bro does 88 to force the other guy to do 89 to get the win
other guy fails 88
92 bro goes for a 1kg pb and nails it

70/92 @ 61.05kg

Congrats bro! Did enough to win with a PB on the C&J. He said he was good for 94 lol.

He may get a call up for an international in Austria in June but it probably clashes with his exams so he may not go.

Proud of him :slight_smile:

The other guys coach told his lifter he could beat my bro and my bro heard it and just said No. LOL. You got to try and do what you can as a coach for your lifter.

No videos as I wasn’t there.


Congratulations! I wish I lifted in high school!

Congratulations - I am sure you had a big ‘big brother’ smile!
Onward and upwards…