Bro Split with a Strongman Day?

Hello T-Nation. Gyms are finally opening up near and am trying to get a routine together. I know that, at 53, I should be avoiding bro splits like the plague, but I was wondering what you guys think of the following routine. It’s basically a bro split from Monday-Thursday with a strongman event day on Saturday. So it’s;

Monday: Bench Press, Chest
Tuesday: Deadlifts, Back, Bi’s
Wednesday: Shoulders, Tri’s
Thursday: Squats, Legs
Friday: Very Light Cardio Or Rest
Saturday: Atlas Stones, Farmers Walk, Tire Flips, Log Clean & Press, Kettlebell Swings-10 Minute HICT Block
This sound good? 1 high volume workout each week with the strongman day functioning as a whole body workout, thus hitting each bodypart 2X in a 7 day period? Thank you so much for help.

Many Strongman champions have done and still do what are basically Bro splits.

5 days lifting plus an events day might be tough though haha

What is a Bro Split?

When two guys who like to go to the gym have an argument and no longer want to train with each other (usually because one guy banging the other’s sister, brother min or dad) they divide their training into different body parts and then sequence it so they can be at opposite sides of the gym.