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Bro Shake!! Own it Or be Owned


I posted this in the "calling girls sluts" thread but I feel like it deserves its own thread.

Its a must watch for veterans and aspiring bro's alike....


and no... its not about a shake weight for bro's


The "he-bro" was awesome.


"might be misinterpreted as a budding bromance on bro back mountain" lulz


lol, that was funny, but my god, does it really take that many people to make a 4 minute video?


Holy crap! Great find! As the fattest nerd alive, I sometimes find myself in social situations involving bros... and every time I fail the hand shake. (e.g. They want to slap and pound and I end up grabbing their hand for a hand shake and it's awkward lol)


The bro-magnon part reminds me of me and my go-to bro outside the bar on a typical night in Broboken.





As an aside, has anyone else noticed that a lot of skinny runts on the wrong side of fifty seem to go for the "crushing ambition" handshake. Its something thats become painfully apparent (pun intended) since I messed up my hand in a drunken scrap about a month ago. Seems like they see someone half their age, who they know they cant keep up with, and start thinking 'time to show this whippersnapper who's boss.' Never seems to happen with any of the SHW powerlifters or strongmen I run into, for some reason....