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Bro 102 and 107


bw 64.48, 16yrs

78 +1kg pb
80 +3kg pb
83x rushed forwards, missed it

no video of Sn

102 +2kg pb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOjqJjmHvsY&feature=feedu
105 +5kg pb no video
107 +7kg pb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIIUdY5S1Hw&feature=feedu

+26kg over his best total from 2010 so far. He increased his total by 40kg last in his 2009-2010 year.

He needs 205 to qualify for the British Champs for the 69kg. He should smash by this before May 2012...also 190 for the English Champs. Had he gotten 83 he would have qualified lol.



nice lifting! he made those look easy!


It would have been interesting to see him have a go at 110. See how he would handle that. The Jerks are easy for him. He gets very good leg drive and the Cleans aren't that hard.



Damn I'm jealous of your bro.

BTW is keeping the butt high during the set/start his personal preference?


It's coaching from the Book of Hamil. I use to do it as I was taught that way, but I have changed my pull over the past few years. I start with low hips now.

It's more back then legs. I don't think it's as efficient as low hips when the weights get a lot heavier. But we are yet to see him fail or stop gains so it will be interesting to see how he gts on when he racks on to 100/120+ sort of weights.



Kid is FAST under the bar.


Awesome. Very fast under the bar. And I wish my jerks were that easy.


He's done roughly 1500hrs over 5yrs now

5hrs for 48 weeks x 2 : 480 : 48 to say he misses 4 weeks off a year for whatever reasons
7hrs for 48 weeks x 3yrs : 1008

These are all coached sessions with a coach.

I'd imagine if you had 1500hrs with a coach your technique would be good by now. But also the fact he did not have to unlearn any bad habits is a huge plus. He has never lifted without a coach.



Are you referring to me or everybody?



1500hrs with a coach is a decent chunk of time.



yes 1500hrs is a decent chunk of time. and no room for keeping on with crappy form when there is a coach there to tell you to suck it up and do what actually needs to be done to improve things. he does lift very beautifully indeed.


The main issue I have seen with new lifters is that none of them have been coached for 1500hrs in 5yrs...you got to find a dedicated lifter that has put in that many hrs consistently week in week out, for months and for a number of years. His form did not magically turn up like that after a few hundred hrs. But many hundreds of hrs.

He is very natural though and his Jerk is a sight to see at heavy weights. It helps he has 2 bros that lift and we all compete. We are off to Spain later in the year for a little jaunt and he should be up there at the English and British Champs in 2012!

I wonder if the British Champs have ever had 3 Brothers compete at the same comp?