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Britt Miller Is...


Incredibly Hot!!!






Check out her site:


i opened this and i must say i am dissapointed, where are the f***** pictures!!!


i see


This thread is worthless without pics...but I do agree that Britt is one fine woman.


She is damn near perfect.


How does she get so damn big and remain so damn hot?

I would like to spot for her in the gym, and by 'spot', I mean 'touch her buttocks.'


Now, she's off to med school.

You guys do realize that this woman juiced up, got a lot of guys to pay $10/month to view her site and paid for college?

She IS pretty smart afterall!

Some of her pictures look too manly though. Check out the Black Dress gallery.


Whoever douted that??


And got hoter in the process.

I'd let her play doctor...