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Brits: Cheap Ryanair Flights


For the brits on here..

i just booked 5 return flights from Glasgow to Stockholm
5 return flights from Glasgow to Oslo and
5 return flights from Glasgow to Dusseldorf.

That all came to 30pence/50 cent

thats including all taxes etc...

they are having a massive sale until midday tomorrow.

all flights have to be after midday on a monday, all day tuesday and wednesday and before midday on a thursday.

just a heads up for the british contingent on here. :smiley:

i cant wait for my holidays after my exams now :smiley:

anyone been to Oslo, Stockholm or Dusseldorf?



I’ve been to Stockholm. It’s a really nice place, GREAT FOOD.


heard oslo is stupidly expsnsive…

stockholm is expensive aswell but not as bad. but then theres the awesome woman. :smiley:

heard nothing about dusseldorf