Brits Busted In Basra

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They are busy coming up with a good coverup. Give it some more time.[/quote]

Here it is.

“Two British soldiers arrested by Iraqi police were engaged in a secret war against weapons smugglers on the Iraqi border, the Sunday Times of London reported…”

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Wrong again. We went there as an ambitous plan to remake the middle east. That is what the war on terror is all about. The WMD was just an excuse.

Ha Ha, good one Zap - “ambitous plan to remake the middle east”.

After that we can get on with the easier task of moving the Earth farther from the Sun to stop global warming.

So you see the bigger picture but you still don’t quite get it. You supported the war because of 9/11 - which started in Afganistan to get OBL, which morphed into Iraq and WMD’s, which morphed into “remaking the middle east”. Throw in treason and spying at the highest levels of our government for good measure.

We spend more on defense than most of the rest of the world COMBINED and we still don’t control the road into Baghdad? - yet we’re still threatening Syria and Iran with military action.

The grand plan is to stay in Iraq PERMANENTLY, so the longer Iraq remains in unrest, the longer we have to stay. Watch the next time political pressure to pull out of Iraq becomes greater, the “insurgency” will SUDDENLY increase their attacks.

Sometimes it’s just downright laughingly obvious
Seized Letter Outlines Al Qaeda Goals in Iraq

We agreed on WMD’s in Iraq (that weren’t there) as a reason for pre-emptive invasion - NOT WWIII

I suppose the latest news is just another one of those strange “coincidences” huh?

Top military investigator is found dead in Basra
The Times
October 17, 2005
THE British military officer in charge of all investigations against troops serving in Iraq has been found dead in his accommodation block in Basra. He is believed to have taken his own life.

Captain Ken Masters, 40, commanding officer of 61 Section of the Royal Military Police Special Investigations Branch (SIB), had been under pressure to bring to a conclusion a number of allegations relating to incidents in which Iraqi civilians had been killed.

Captain Masters’s biggest current investigation was ordered after the incident on September 19 when two SAS troopers had to be rescued by British troops in armoured vehicles after they had been arrested by Iraqi police.

Senior military investigator found dead in Iraq
17 October 2005
A senior British military police officer in Iraq involved in the investigation of alleged abuse of Iraqi civilians by soldiers has been found dead at a camp in Basra.

Despite being of middle-rank, Captain Masters was in charge of all serious incidents involving the British military in Iraq.

A military source said “This has come as shock to us. Ken was not suffering from depression or anything that indicated that he would take his own life.”

17 October 2005
Ministry of Defence sources said last night it is not believed Capt Masters had left a suicide note and it is not yet known how he died. No firearms are believed to have been involved.

The married father-of-two is not believed to have been suffering from depression, mental illness or physical injury and had not been due to appear as a witness in any cases relating to mistreatment.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed the captain was “responsible for investigating all in-theatre serious incidents”.

On a related note, who is training Basra killers? Iran of course! Duh.
Iran ‘is training Basra killers’
12 October 2005
Specialist bomb-makers targeting British troops in southern Iraq are being trained by an elite arm of Iran’s armed forces, UK defence sources say.

JTF, I feel Zap’s theory is more credible. We can clearly see how moral and honest our President and his staff are through their selfless devotion to freedom.

Please desist from this nonsense before you are fired!:wink:

JTF, I won’t waste any time with you on this one. You are the boy that cries wolf. I am done coming to look.