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British WWI Fantasy/Horror Film?


A few years back I saw part of a movie that was English made, it took place in World War I and was some straight scifi/horror. I remember once scene barbwire came alive and ripped a soldier apart.

Does anyone know what film I'm talking about? I really wanna rent and/or buy this one.


No, but if I were a betting man, I'd say if you typed in "The greatest movie ever made" into google then that movie would be the first hit you get...


I make it a point not to help people with names that don't spell a word, name, or just don't seem to make any sense in general. So I suggest you change your name.




yup Deathwatch is right. Good flick.


Three Eyed (As In Psychically Enlightened) Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces)


Ah, ok. That makes sense. The movie is Deathwatch.


How nice of you to help him when the answers has already been given twice;)

Btw, it's Deathwatch.