British tries to lose 220 pounds with Muay Thai

Things like this make me cry, it’s awesome when that inner fire starts burning and people help each other out.

Phenomenal video.

Brilliant, absolutely great to see a motivational vid that’s not about a top class athlete. Nothing more inspiring than an indomitable spirit. Good call Kaisermetal.


66kilos, that’s like 145 pounds? Damn.

wow, great for him

The guy’s got the spirit of a tiger. Beautiful video. Truly inspirational.

That was top notch Kaisermetal thanks for posting it up.Kudos to that guy,that is a serious amount of weight to be losing.I’d say his shins were none to happy when he first started his roadwork when he was really heavy.

I wonder how much that cost him. Tiger mauy thai is none to be over priced and he was there for 6 months in what looks like a suite.

I don’t think Tiger Muay Thai is overprice for what it offers, but then again i’m not used to Bahts normal prices for MMA/Muay Thai training and the currency is so leveraged that doesn’t make any holes in one’s pocket. Also they have a decent coverage from Foreigner Fighters, so it’s the place to go if you don’t know anything else.