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British Royal Wedding


Anyone watching?

For the Americans out there, does it bother any of you that you don't have traditions like this or a monarchy??


if it bothered the Americans that much, they perhaps wouldnt have got rid of the Monarchy in the first place.

if only we could do the same


IF theirs anything that bothers me it is that the English still acknowledge those inbreeds as "royalty".


it bothers me Americans even care to watch the wedding or get caught up in it.

totally worthless and waste of time


Wills looks like he's ready to get shitfaced.


plus a waste of the tax I pay, Ive got better things to spend it on rather than a new tiara and a banquet for people I dont know and dont care about


some of them like to tug their forelocks now and then


Exactly but its like all that other "reality" bullshit on tv, complete waste of time. Plus I hope that chick thinks charles is sexy because that dude is about five years away from looking exactly like him.


my advice to Kate - ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!


Yeah, don't care at all. Weddings suck, I don't care who's getting married.




Wow some people are bitter...

I know it's a waste of money etc.. but they are the future king and queen of England.

i'm guessin it's on par when Presidential candidates do their bull shit campaigns and stuff.


We've been talking about it over here.



Not bitter at all, Marz.

And you can't really compare the royal family with US Presidential stuff. We vote in our "rulers". Your "kings and queens" are just showy figureheads, while your elected officials make the decisions that dictate your lives.


I'm not bitter in the slightest... I just don't see what the big deal is about two people getting married.

And no, I don't see what makes "kings" or "queens" special, other than the titles they give themselves while pretending to be better than everyone else.

Edit: Saying that, William and Harry are pretty down to earth lads from out I hear (one of my posh friends has friends who know them).


Yeah i agree with you ID, but i was talking about public reaction and the media, not the actual role of the people involved.

They are figure heads, but even then they do a lot of work for charity etc and do a lot of stuff for good causes.

Each to their own i guess.


This bullshit would not fly in the United States. LOL

Did you really ask if it bothers us that we DON'T have a monarchy? The only "tradition" here is a relatively small group of people that believe they are inherently superior to you.


I SRSLY think you need to start limiting your threads.

Unless your getting paid to post as many times as possible about mostly pointless stuff.



if you didn't wana read pointless stuff you wouldn't come to GAL?

I didn't post for 2 weeks, and made 3 threads within a few days?

This one is unrelated to anything,

1 of them was about an all you can eat meat place which might interest some people, and the other about a protein shaker bottle, whats your problem?


Never said I had a problem my man. Just didn't know you were the type of dude that focused on celebrity weddings.