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British Reparations?


Just wanted to know what everyone thinks of the British reparations heres the site http://www.britishreparations.org/facts.php and there youtube site http://www.youtube.com/user/britishreparations?blend=4&ob=1 watch there stupid vids

Theres this dude whos blaming Britain for



Global warming

Bad inventions like machine guns, death camps and other shit I think he also blamed us for the holocaust

Vietnam war I dont know why we werent even init

Industrial revolution because we poisoned everyone and endangered all animals

Opium war apperently we drugged the shit out of the chineses

Iraq and Afghan war

The conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians

The slave trade

The poverty in Africa and loads of other shit and we also have to pay 31trillion to the world and thats not it we have to pay for others damages made in WW1 and WW2 including other wars some we didnt even fight in we also have to pay every person on that planet $8,350.

This guy is pretty much blaming everything on us.


anyone can push any kind of pseudo imperialist political bullshit agenda on any country.

thats what they are doing. either that or its just meant as a joke.

regardless, if it annoys you why dont you just ignore it there are whack jobs everywhere who spout all kinds of crap.


Annoys me? Nah makes me laugh mate I aint that type of guy that get angry over stupid things I thought I just share with the rest of T-Nation.


Aren't you to blame for the opium war. I mean the rest seems to be BS but maybe it's just the Ameri-cantric world view they teach us, wasn't the East India Trading Company with the backing of the British Government pretty much the instigator and pusher of opium. Could be wrong but thats the bit I thought was true.


Some one blaming Britian for everything!? I've never heard of such a thing! oh, wait.

(i edited that. left out a word. don't nobody report me now.)


I couldn't have said it better.


Well, the British Empire did kick a lot of ass all over the world for about 300 years, and did pretty horrible stuff.

But, if it hadn't been them, it would've been the Portugese, or the French (Napoleon had a nice run) or the Spaniards. It's not like the world was all butterflies and rainbows until the Evil Brits stomped on it.

We also need to cut that "reparations" bullshit out. We can rewind history until the cavemen and try to calculate who owes who what with interest until the sun cools, but 1) we'll never get it right and 2) no one will ever agree to pay anything anyway.

Why don't we work on ending the wars we have instead and see if Global Peace might not be fun for a while?


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Yeh were to blame but why just us the french were fighting with us in that war I dont see them having to pay reparations for it.


Probably not, but I feel that the Imperialist powers of back then were a bit more similar in world outlook than the countries you mentioned. You didn't have the capitalist/communist split or the democracy/totalitarian differences; they were all monarchies at that point.


Wtf! are you on about?


How can Britain not be blamed for the Opium Wars?

Balfour Declaration, anyone?


Because the Chinese emperor prohibited trade that fucker.


Itâ??s actually refreshing to have people saying crap like this about some place other than the US.


I know were to be blame for the opium war but why just us and not France and theres nothing wrong with making Palestine a new home for the jews we dont control the actions of the Israelis and Palestinians we didnt ask them to start fighting each other.


Good point. I suppose that it's because France wasn't involved in the same proportions in the lead-up to the war.

And I suppose France's opposition to the war on Iraq might have something to do with its current (erroneous) image as a non-imperialistic country. People don't seem to give two shits about Africa.

I'm sorry, but there's plenty wrong with that. That land belonged to people who've been ripped off by the Turks, the Brits and the Jews during the last century.

If your country wanted to give "a new home for the jews", why didn't you share a piece of England or Ireland with them?

No. But you can't say that it was a surprise. You don't give away land and weapons to a group of people who've immigrated en masse, and expect the locals to welcome them with open arms.

That is, not if you have a shred of common sense.



Criticism of imperialism is a simple forumla: relate back to a Society You Like, and "imperialism" is everything that happens bad forward of that date. As a corollary, you must conveniently ignore how the Society You Like acquired or achieved anything prior to that date.


You do realise Jews have bin living in Palestine since the Roman times and have bin fighting for that land for centuries so why not give it to them it was theres oringinally and the Arabs who wanted it aswell has the whole of the fuckin middle east and we never gave weapons to the Jews and again we never ask them to fight you dont have to greet someone with open arms theres always the friendly way of doing things.


Opium was already in high demand and usage before Britain got it's hand in the pot. Different times and different understandings.

The Israel question - Simple answer. It should not exist. Where some politicians got the gaw to arbitrarily take a country and draw another country in it's place and declare it a new state for such and such people. Then pretend like it's always been there and wonder at the conflict.

The Jewish people have been the cancer of the world since the beginning of time. Every country in history where they settled in large numbers threw them out, why? Why would so many different cultures in different times in history throw out entire populations of peoples? Because Jewish people see themselves as Gods chosen people. They slowly over generations move their kind into positions of power. Medicine, banking, law, business. In short they take over and assimilate a culture or try to. Sooner or later the given culture had enough of the blatantness and revolts.

The Jews will never relinquish Israel. They've taken hold there and that's that. They are not a pacifist people, they are not a tolerant people. they will always cry foul, but they are ruthless, totalitarian and aggressively pursue their agenda. Only recently do we see how they miss treat and trample on the Palestinians and such. Invading their homes, bulldozing their homes etc etc...

It took so long for that to get out. It's been happening for a long time and only now it's coming to light. The Jewish controlled press, thankfully, has it's limits and this is a story they tried to silence for years and finally it came to light.


Actually, they've been there much longer than that. But that's hardly a reasonable argument in favour of Zionism.

[citation needed]

Because it wasn't yours, you dim-wit!


I don't give a damn who wanted it or what they had.

People were living and exploiting that land, when Britain stormed in, declared it a colony, then handed it over to a people who massively immigrated to it. That's wrong, no matter how much twist you put into it.

To cite the tip of the iceberg:


Of course not! But you can't look at the maps of Israel and the Occupied Territories, then throw your hands in the air and say that your country has got no part of responsibility in the subsequent horror.

I understand your frustration when people rip on your country for bogus claims. But this particular instance, much like many lines in the sand your government drew in the region, are directly attributable to British imperialism. Don't let nationalism blind you.