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British Natural Teens Finalist

Hello, this year I competed in the British natural teens category. I didn’t get a placing however I would assume I rank number 7 in the country my age etc. Please could you rate my physique, I am aware my conditioning is not very good and have tried every trick in the book to alleviate that problem. I believe it will take me longer to thin out the skin because I used to be a bit overweight. Thanks, Jon

Hey Jon,

First off, congrats on getting onstage as a teen. Forget all the training, it takes balls to get up there in your underwear in front of hundreds of strangers -lol.

Assuming you’re on the right in the above pic (comparing to your avatar pic), I’d say you have some good size for someone your age. Of course I can only summize so much from just one pic, but as you already mentioned, the weakness is in your conditioning.

Best advice I can throw out knowing absolutely nothing about your training, diet, and prep, is that next time, make sure you’re in a better place at the start of your contest prep. Comparing to the two other guys in the pic, I wouldn’t think size would be an issue.


Would like to see more pics!
Good job. Good size.
What is your age/height/weight?


most muscular

Bournemouth Bodybuilding Spectacular


poor quality pic

Me on the far left, again, sorry for the picture quality- a lot of these were screenprints from videos etc.

WEIGHT:200-205 lbs
HEIGHT: 5 ft 11.5 inches
EATING STYLE: Clean, 3000 cals bulking, high protein moderate carbs moderate fats
TRAINING: Intense, 2 on 1 off, cardio 2 times a week (15-20 mins)

Looking very good for an 18 year old there mate. A lot of good advice on this forum, lets hope they can help you out.

You look great for your age, a lot of muscle mass. Keep at it and you will be monstrous one day

Question though: if conditioning is your issue, it seems to me like you might want to be doing more cardio? Obviously that will depend on how close you are to a contest, and what type of cardio you are doing, etc, but sub-20 mins twice a week doesn’t seem like enough to make much of a difference. If i’m not mistaken, it takes about 15-20 mins of moderate intensity cardio just to burn through the sugar in your blood, I would guess you’ll need to go a bit longer in order to really get your bf% down.

I’m completely inexperienced in cutting however, so maybe some other guys could weigh in, and maybe you could give some more detail about what kind of cardio you are doing/ if you do more when you are cutting down.

Either way you look awesome man, great physique.

Oh sorry, I mean I do 2x15-20 minute cardio sessions weekly, to minimise the fat gains, improve conditioning etc. when I was preparing for my competitions, I did 1 sometimes 2 sessions of 30-45 minutes cardio, always fasted or after training. Thanks for your reply and compliments :slight_smile:

Back double biceps

Great physique for your age. Read a couple of articles from each of the following and your knowledge will be streets ahead of the standard thinking in the UK

Shelby Starnes
Jim Wendler
Dan John
Matt Kroc
John Meadows
Clay Hyght


Ok sure thanks very much