British Motorbikes and Weight lifting

Just wanted to post a picture of myself and my beloved Bonnie. This was a British Motorbike event in Florida as you can see I wore my colors proudly.


hope your not one of those guys that gets pissed off at us chopper guys,but anyway here is my '57 Pre-unit Triumph…by the way you are jacked!

Nice bike. I used to work at the ad agency that advertised for Triumph. Triumph riders were such a niche group in the US, I rarely saw the bikes on the street. Low and behold a t-magger rides one. Cool.

Hey!! A few T-maggers ride Triumphs!!Anyway I forgot to say i like your bike Ali,what year?Is this your first and only Triumph?Me,and a friend built this chopper and we are now working on building a second for him…

I just have to point out that a fanny pack makes even a Testosterone shirt look dorky. Thanks for that.

Seriously, though, nice bike.

Better watch it, nephorm.

He could have a loaded Glock in there, ready to put a burning slug into your writhing torso…

I know a guy who uses his fanny pack as a convenient, easy-to-get-to holster for his revolver.

Are you sh*tting me? “Hold on for a second, while I carefully unzip my fanny pack and whip this thing out…”

There is no way that’s a convenient holster. But yeah, I imagine if you habitually wear a fanny pack, you’d probably better be packin’.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

They sell quick draw fanny pack holsters.

nephorm, actually they make psuedo fanny packs for quick draw and concealed carry.

The gun of course doesnt hide under a zipped panel, instead it fits nicely into a fold panel space. the trick is to form the pack correctly so the gun fits well and is quick to draw yet doesnt look like a gun in a bag. Thus they use good leathers/form and conceal it with a covering fabric if needed.

Pricey things though, but obviously there is a market for them…

That is hilarious.

Queer eye for the gun-toting guy, I guess.

aeliop: Sweet ride brother, what year is the bonnie and where ya from?

I appreciate all the kind words.I live in Orlando, Florida and the bike is a 74. I have since repainted the tank (a little darker red) As far as Choppers go, I love them. As a matter of fact I too have been planning a chopper build. I would appreciate any and all imput. Your right about the fanny pack it’s gone I carry my gun in my left boot now.

Dave that is a great looking chopper. Looking forward to talking to you about it.

Hey,Aeliop thanks for the compliments,any questions you may have ask away, i know every nut and bolt of this bike,have rebuilt,the motor and gear box for example not to mention totally building the bike…looking forward to chatting choppers/triumphs with a fellow iron freak…BTW i have a powder coating set up and will be making some custom parts to sell,so if you have any suggestions let me know,i will have to snap a pic of my new side mount licence plate/tail light set-up its really cool i cut a circular saw blade in quarters and welded in a piece for a gusset,real evil looking…