British Mobile Networks Ban the T-Beasts

OK so Vodafone UK (no.2 MNO here) is doing something to T-Nation. In Firefox for Android I get a “Content Corrupted Error” indicating broken HTTPS over their 3G and 4G but not if I use a VPN connection.

Dude I think you are reading to much into this, O2 and EE ( for those not in the UK, both very popular networks) working fine for me right now.

I had this, I think T Nation is viewed as adult content. Can you view porn on 4G?

Not unless you’ve asked nicely and produced a credit card.

Anyway T-Nation is back this morning without using any tricks.

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Is the news that the political speech police is shutting down brits voicing public dissent against political views true?

Or in simpler language…

Do you guys still have free speech?


If you’re talking about who I think you are, it’s never been legal to film (or take photos, or record sound) in a courtroom here. As in, never since Fox-Talbot invented photography. If you want to cover a court case, you do it with a notebook. This is why we still have courtroom artists for big trials.

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to echo above there seems to be a false narrative on this at the moment particularly concerning the guy not mentioned above. He has multiple convictions for various crimes(including ironically entering the US on a false passport), started a far right activist group and was previously warned and given a suspended sentence for contempt of court. He was then charged with contempt again because he decided it would be a good idea to ‘facebook live’ at the court room and call the defendants (insert racist name here) paedophiles. now whilst they may well be paedophiles he is interfering with due process and his actions could actually mean that the defendants go free or some sort of miss trial situation. In short the guy is a selfish prick with an overtly racist agenda.

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Tommy Robinson was filming outside of the courtroom. And why was he sentenced to jail and no one allowed to report on that even after the sentence had been passed?

As far as him having a criminal record, that’s a pretty common tactic of authoritarian regimes to discredit dissidents. Russia, Turkey, Egypt, and Venezuela all just literally had elections where significant opposition leaders were disallowed on the basis of past convictions that were related to past activism. Not sure of Tommy Robinson’s history, but just saying past convictions isn’t enough. And traveling under a false passport is the sort of story that needs details to mean something. Or did the judge seal the details of that case, too.


Are our British friends not allowed to respond? @wardmp7 @thatguyagain

Tommy Robinson was “sentenced to jail” because he contravened the terms of a previous suspended sentence for doing exactly the same thing, namely interfering with judicial process. Regardless of his bigotry, his actions could have caused the trial to collapse through prejudicial coverage, meaning more taxpayer expense to re-try and further anguish for the defendants who have to re-testify. Not a difficult one to understand.

However, as also mentioned above, he is a racist hate preacher with a track record of inciting violence against civilians on the basis of their faith/ colour/ ethnicity. I know you Americans take your freedom of speech thing fairly seriously, but most of us decent-minded Brits would rather tossers like that rotted in jail.

We are (largely) proud of our multi-culturalism, and it’s really dismaying to see so many sections of American right-wing media and online fora (4chan, 9gag and now it seems T-Nation) propagating the narrative that Britain is drowning under immigrants.

Sure we have our normal problems with overstretched education and health resources, but the fault there overwhelmingly lies with corrupt and incompetent governance rather than the Daily Fail’s scapegoat of brown people.

And as for our supposed lack of free speech, we are more than capable of criticising the government, those in power, mobilising, protesting, any other form of demonstration permissible in civil society. We simply draw the line at inciting violence or punching down (ie no picking on marginalised groups). If you want to defend your right to bully minorities, go for it. But you’d be hard-pressed to find many Brits looking across the pond and yearning for your “freedoms”.


I have nothing more to add. Although…you could have mentioned his conviction for mortgage fraud, habit of pretending to be an Afghan war veteran, getting himself put on the payroll of a de-radicalisation charity…what a guy.

He does have a very impressive collection of Stone Island jackets though. Sharp!

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Dude, really? Have you ever been to Britain?

b_east has said it all.

Well presuming they take about a year to even trial a rape squad

Then a reporter reports on it using already released information, Gets arrested for “breach of the peace”, Trialed for something else and sentanced to 13 months in prison in 3 hours…

I’d say probably…

Also I rang the police station, They said they’d put an article up about it, they didn’t… so I called them again… They gave me a website to visit, I hang up… no article. :frowning:

It’s at times like this I feel no longer proud to be british.

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