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British gyms with GHR & Reverse Hyper?

Anyone on the forum know of any gyms in the central UK that are equiped with a good glute ham raise, reverse hyper, chains, bands, and related equipment?


Nige my man,

you are in luck that you have one of the finest gyms in the UK near(ish) you.

Beni, runs westside UK and I have been down there and he has all the equipment that you could possible need.

all the equipment is from Louie in america so exactly the same as the photos you see in tate’s articles.

GHR and reverse hyper, proper power rack with inch holes. the fabulous monolift and the platform that allows belt squats and pull throughs…

basically the best gym around!

to contact Beni, look up his name inthe contacts and send him a PM.

Of course ben is very knowledgable about all matters training and has been out to ohio to train with the westside boys for 3 months.

hope that helps STU

Oh yeah the gyms in birmingham and he has all the bands and chains that you could ever need!