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British Dragon


i was just in mexico and the pharmacy had bd d-bol behind counter for sale,does anyone know how in mexico these pharmacys have bd product,can they just order it from pharmacy in thialand by mail,or do they somehow have to have it smuggled out thialand.


They smuggle it in using an old Soviet nuclear sub. You could buy them from the Russian mob but they ran out of stock. The Dbol is torpedoed on to the beach and picked up by Mexican ninjas.

I believe it is real. I tested some out on a regular customer at my restaurant. I spiked her food with 30 mg Dbol a day and after a year she had a voice like Vin Diesel, and a beard like Jerry Garcia.:smiley:

No in all seriousness, I have no idea.


Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us man, the DEA is gonna be all over it now.


Now way the DEA can catch the ninjas. They have smoke bombs that make them disappear..... Poof! Where'd all the Dbol go?

At least they don't know about that tunnel going from the Southeast China to Mexico.


I think they don't know, cause that is where the weapons of mass destruction are hidden. Along with the massive body count of dead steroid users.


Brings back fond memories of little Dean getting my test injections after my nap, then meeting up with my friends in the sandbox and pretending we were ninja turtles raiding the Puerto Vallarta coast, Dan duchaine dressed up as splinter, as much Brithish Dragon as we could carry. I miss Kindergarten,...........my bench has really plateued since then.