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British Dragon Products

I am a new member, I would like to test a cycle with BD products, but I as I will be drug-tested I would like to be sure that Mastabol and their parabolan are real, does somewone know can give me informations about it?
Thank you.

Sorry for my English!

their products are real have used them before just as long as the manufacture date is not past 2006

I heard one of the original founders of BD took his life recently. Anyone else hear this?

This is a highly subjective question. A good counterfeit can be made of almost any product, and those making the products generally target the high-grade brand names like BD. This is why I prefer to use Chinese generics. While maybe the quality isn’t as good, as someone else said… People counterfeit a $50 bill, not a $5.

To answer your question: Being able to tell you if your BD products are real would require a lot more investigation, pictures, etc, and I can tell you that here in China I’ve seen fakes that will absolutely blow your mind. My friend bought a copy Hermes Birkin bag for $400 and took it to the boutique in Hong Kong where they certified it was real. Just imagine what they can do with a bottle and some pills.

Thank you for your answers.

AFAIK they are good