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British Dragon? Plz Explain


Ok now i'm scared, what is the deal with British Dragon???

Considering I'm sitting on a enough to create my own army of spartans. Cause if everyone is scared to use BD, I'm screwed.

Are they up and running again??? Checkout this website www.britannicdragon.com is this there new name???
Please every imput welcome


BD is one of the most trusted.What are you worried about.
If you dont want it,sell it to me


I've heard different things bud, so I can't really help here.


If you acquired your inventory over the last 6 months or so, your OK and the gear is OK. I have a shit load of andropen and d-bol from BD. Although itis drying up. What have your results been using it?


Yeah I checked the site you gave out man and it says it's under construction, whatever the hell is up with that is beyond me....


i got it about a month ago, i've used Testabol Depot(cyp) 400mg/week, it's real no doubt about it, what i'm worried about is that people at my gym are saying it's bunk, it's going to be hard for me to unload...like i said i have enough to use for the next 5 years..lol...but i rather have the money.



Toss some my way....I'm training to become a Spartan.

That site does contain Thai text, and BD is produced in Thailand, so it may add up.

If you can get your stuff lab tested, that should settle your doubts once and for all.


Doesn't Austraila have the worst customers in the world for not letting shit in??? that's what i heard


Yeah, I've heard this too. They don't even allow a lot of OTC supps in. I know Biotest has problems shipping some items to AUS.


I wonder how Lee Priest does it.


Lee Priest uses juice????....hahaha


Lee Priest moved to Marina Del Rey in Southern California years ago.