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British Dragon Andropen


anyone with experience of British Dragon Andropen?

what do you think about that "mix"?


my grandma does it...shes swole as fuck.




Best test I have used from an UG.


really? the best? related to which kind of target?



I like the andropen. Works best with eod injects for me.


Related to other UG test....if that is what you mean. Andropen is a blend of 4 different esters and is 275 a ML.


ok, sorry for my bad english, what i would like to know is related to what you find it the best test? for mass? cutting? strenght?


I've heard great things about British Dragon stuff. I know a few people who've used it and they all say great things about it.


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Heavily counterfitted or otherwise?


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I'm speculating that a few guys I know got some counterfeit BD gear. They did a whole cycle of test deca and I think dbol. Nothing crazy but good enought to make some gains. They gained NADA. I 'reccomended" someone else and one guy is up around 15 and the other 2 are up 5 last I spoke to them. It's a good company with alot of recognition =likely to be counterfeited.


well, ok... but regarding different doses, different halflifes etc etc

also sustanon is just test but many ppl dont like it...


I am about to embark on a similar product- stealth's supertest450. I think it has the same esters on the test as andropen: acetate, propionate, phenylpropionate, enthanate, and decanoate. Supertest is just dosed higher.
I think these esters will work better than the sustanon esters, but I haven't used mixed esters in a long time. I plan on injecting 675mg every third day (E3D) for about 12 weeks. Then taper down to a "normal" level before PCT. I also plan on running EQ (400mg/week), and proviron (50mg/day), and of course an AI like anastrozole.
So injections EOD or E3D are probably the best for this type of blend. I would suggest E3D if you want to stretch out the cycle and your money a bit longer.


Yes sir...just got some in bulk and the EOD is what I will be going with as well..with this mix of esters. I have never done a mix like this.



Nice JW. Let us know how you like it.
I think stealth's version is a real steal. A good way to pack in a lot of test for your money.