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British Culture Disgusts Me


I am from India and moved to the uk almost 1 year a go to study. And one thing I have noticed is that the people here have no morals. Particularly the girls.

Where I am from girls have dignity, self-respect and remain chaste until marriage.

But here all I see from student lifestyle is drinking and promiscuity. People drink and cause trouble, physical violence etc and wake up with a hang over regretting it. Or they sleep around, have sex with multiple partners and then wonder why std's and teenage pregnancies in this country are increasing, it's disgraceful. Maybe if they'd keep their legs together for 5 minutes, we wouldn't have such a problem.

Neither drinking or sex are worth it, unless you are married or at least in a meaningful, long term relationship.

If I knew that mainstream English culture and lifestyle was so pitiful and obnoxious then I certainly wouldn't have moved here to study. I want to aim high in life, and as such this definitely isn't the right environment for me.


Britains future.


This seems to be the average brits highest aim in life - To lay in a gutter surrounded by other club going losers, who like to drink themselves stupid.


now now, you feel better now?
ok, the sad truths:
1. no one cares what you think
2. it's not your fuckin' business what they do with their lifes
3. maybe you should think about problems in your own country
4. mainstream british culture does not hinder you in any way from "aiming high in life", so stop whining you pussy.


5.You think that sexual urges should be suppressed until ur married?WTF?
6.Dude get a fuckin life.


Welcome to Earth


Smells like a troll.


The post is a little fishy especially from someone called Super Stud, however he is correct about the harmful drinking culture and teenage pregnancies, England is on its way down but there is still room for successful high flyers.


Mate, no offense but Indian culture has its problems. To burn women merely because they want to have a say about certain things in a realtionship and to just let all of the very very poor people rot along just because it is their faith dealt by thier "caste" is not exactly better isn�´t it?
My point: We should not start judging each others cultures because we all have our own problems.


it is like this in most countries in europe and america. but not all youngsters are the same. it certainly depends on social standing and priorities in life. the people who get drunk every weekend etc usually are those who have no goals in life or educational/career aspirations. At least where i'm from.


Dude, don't even get me started on the problems that your country has, holy shiet it makes Britain look like heaven.


Firstly - the burnings happened in small village communities hundreds of years ago
Secondly - The caste system was abolished decades ago
Thirdly - You're from germany. That country and it's past culture needs no introduction.
Lastly - I am talking here about a present problem which I have personally seen, not some (likely exaggerated) practices from the medieval period.

And it was aimed at brits - do you think Britains increasing binge culture is harming the country in the long term? Its values, ideals etc?


i think that the influx of muslims is doing more harm.


I agree that that the segregation of the muslim community in britain is also harmful to society.

But it's pretty unrelated to this problem, which is causing a ridiculous amount of social problems in Britain aswell as health problems. And lets not forget the immorality of it all.


Sort out your own fucking country.The big problem with Britain is we let people like you,come to our country and you fucking moan about everything we change our ways and your never fucking happy.
Alot of Asians come to Britain refuse to learn our language refuse to 'mix' in general they have bad manors.
I think that as a generalisation Asians treat women with such disrespect you should be ashamed of yourselves and should sort your own coutries before trying to sort out ours.


I dont agree with our binge culture tho and think somthing needs to be done about it.


Thousands of world war 2 servicemen died defending our countries future which you can see above. They died for that ^

The once great british empire has now completely shriveled and died.
Britain has reached its absolute lowest point in history form every standpoint.


I agree but this isnt about your original post. I hate chav culture more than anyone and I think that we are very quickly forgetting what the heros of the ww's did for us.
We can talk about this all day it is officially confirmed Britain is down the pan and all we do is encourage it.
End of.


I get where you're coming from on the whole binge drinking shit - yeah something needs to be done about it. But not everyone in this country is like that, in fact I don't know anyone like that.

Some people have respect


I like your trolling.

Thou whilst residing in the great nation of Great Britain I was more shocked by the quality of food, the dirty streets & homes and the general ugliness of its inhabitants.

As always it depends on your mindset. Do you want to see only the negativ sides?