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British Columbia t-cell?

Come on, we kick the Alberta HNL teams around! lets build the best Canadian t-cell to go with it!

Who wants in???

To the BC!

Of course, we did get waxed by Edmonton last night, but you can’t shut them out every game now can you?

You know, silly question here since I’m still fairly newb to T-mag.

What exactly is a T-cell? All I get so far is that a T-cell is a group of T-mag readers who ban together to score free t-shirts.

Yes and there is a secret password and handshake.


How far north ya wanna travel? It’s pretty cold in FSJ.


FSJ as in Fort Saint John?

imagines a desolate, dry world without any hint of humanity

well after a computer crash shortly after posting this thread i’m back!

Well guys what do ya think?? I’m in Vancouver and a Canuck game would be a great place for a first meeting of the BC-T Cell, eh???

Kiiiiiiiii come? ;0)

Kick Alberta Around?
Vancover has not kicked any alberta team around ever. You must not be watching the games.

You guys in BC are all the same. Why? you ask cause you have a good year and a half in the league and now your the “cats ass”. Even calgary has at least won the cup 1 time. Dont be trashing edmonton or calgary untill you can come with 6 cups. Then trash away.

I say we

  • Have lunch @ Shiro’s
  • Go to Kits for a workout or
  • Do the grind! (Last one up has to pay for the drinks)
  • THEN Go to the game

Sound good!

Panda: Yeah, Fort St. John.

Cold, desolate, Igloos, you get it.

Hang on, I gotta go feed my sled dogs.


I say we

  • Have lunch @ Shiro’s
  • Go to Kits for a workout or
  • Do the grind! (Last one up has to pay for the drinks)
  • THEN Go to the game

Ok E~
You plan sounds fun.

Hey, I have tickets to the last game of the season against Edmonton! (Sorry, I only have two tickets…)


I’m not sure what winning cups 15+ years ago has to do with the current Flames/Oilers teams.
The Flames have not made the playoffs in a few years and the Oilers have become the NHL equivalent of the Expos. Talking about the great years of yore only makes you sound like a Leafs fan…not a good thing.

My point was simply that the Nucks’ have shut out the Oilers twice this season and beaten the flames in the Saddledome 7 straight times…

E~ I love the way you think! great plan, i’ve never done the grind so i’ll bring $$ for drinks

Kieran way to knock the albertans down a peg! I’m not sure if its the Canucks time or not, but its no longer the oilers time, and the Flames may be building a better team finally but it will be awhile i think… and no hard feeling to all those albertans…we can all hate those Leafs together!!

who else can make it to the Vancouver area???

Hey Kieren… um, can’t recall exactly. How’d your BC Loin-esses finish last season? Pretty sure it didn’t involve a cup of any sort. :wink:

geez you know its bad in Alberta if they have to go after our CFL team to find something to brag about!

So whaddya say guys, we gonna get this BC T-Cell up or whut?!

Dunno about any hockey games but otherwise count me in…

Say when.

i would say a weekend for sure and then its a mtter of where in Vancouver and a date? Probably need a 2-3 weeks to put this together and get us all on the same page. 1st week of February???

I’m not going to Vanc. anytime soon. But you never know. My Sister in Vancouver is getting married sometime soon so maybe.