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British Army Training Routine?


Right guys, I gave my application in 2 days ago, to join the army.
And now I still want to train, but want to know how to incorporate pushups/situps/Pullups into my workout, so I can get my max for each of them for the army..

But I still want to lift to some degree heavy, and do these, and do cardio on days in between..

any ideas?
Maybe like, 5x5 but switch things like the bent over rows for pullups???

Help out please guys.


Why would you do bent over rows to improve your pullup? I guess pulling anything heavy will improve your grip strength but how about doing some pullups? Do 3 sets of each exercise to near failure at the beginning or end of your workout depending on how serious you are about improving them. If you cant do any pullups use bands to assist you until you can do them. Try and improve every workout.

God bless you for your service to your country.


I am in the same boat as you mate.

At the moment I am still doing Wendlers 5/3/1, which sorts out the chin-ups. However bear in mind that for the testing you won't do chin-ups you will do heaves i.e. palms facing towards you, so I have bought an iron gym (chin-up bar that hooks onto a door frame) so that I can throw in a few heaves every so often.

As for press-ups I do those on my bench day as a warm-up.

To be perfectly frank though the press-ups and chin-ups etc. are unlikely to be the more difficult part of the assessment, the run is. I would focus on improving your cardio, with mixes of short fast runs/ intervals and longer endurance runs.

If you want ideas for conditioning that you can add to your regular workouts have a look at Alpha's log on this site, guy has some truely evil ideas for warm-ups and cool downs (although these words are not really appropriate as they imply more sort of gentle conditioning).

Anyways bud good luck

P.S. What capbadges you going for?


Ah thanks bro.

I'll check Alpha's stuff out.
And I'm going in the Welsh Guards I hope.

And I think I might just follow a mix of circuit training. I found something good on an American military website...

pushups - max in 1:00
Squats - max in 1:00
Pullups - 1:00
Bike or jog - 3:00
Military press - 1:00
Lunges - 1:00 each leg
Bicep curls - 1:00
Bike or jog - 3:00
Tricep extensions.- 1:00
Leg extensions - 1:00 (requires leg machines - or repeat squats with weights)
Leg Curls - 1:00 (requires leg machines - or repeat lunges with weights)
Situps - 2:00
Crunches - 2:00

I think that would be good.. but maybe I could do that at home instead, do stop going between the damn Weight and cardio room.

But yeah, the Guards is what I should be going in. Yourself?


I applied for the RMP.

Still waiting to get medically cleared, got a couple of surgeries in my medical history so it may take a little longer than normal.

Just keeping my fingers crossed at the minute.


Ah sweet man.

A bit bullshit about the surgery problems and what not though.

I am clear of asthma by like 6 years without medication, so I'm clear now :slight_smile:
Should be good stuff.

Just looking forward to getting into AFC now, because I'm only 16 and what not.



You will be amazed at how easily you pass the physical tests trust me the army doesnt expect you to be ultra fit when you join basic training will improve your fitness as long as you have decent cardiovascular base to build on and most importantly a good attitude towards the challenges put in front of you

Good luck mate


Ah excellent, cheers mate.

Confidence booster haha.
I was quite nervous about passing any basic tests, I can do the situps and pushups in the correct amount of time, but the running is 5 minutes off.. where I'm meant to be doing 1.5 miles in 14:30 minutes, I'm doing it at around 20. So it's not that bad really, and I recover after running within 3 minutes, so I should be fine for it haha.

Thanks though man.

What reg where you in?


Out of interest; what is the stipulated requirement for chins and push ups?

I would have loved to go into the army but to be brutally honest I'm a big fat pussy boy and would probably be 'that guy' in any war scenario (you know the one, he's usually having a breakdown or hiding in war movies) So I have utmost respect for anyone who signs up. Especially from the UK.

Good luck mate. You have bigger balls than me :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, the pussy guy, made me laugh.

But uh, there's no Pull ups needed really, but I'd still like to do them because on selection I know they make you do it.
Also, Pushups are like 44 in 2 minutes (I can hit that in around 1 minute) and Situps 52 in 2 minutes, I suck at situps because well. They suck. Ha, I have always done crunches and leg raises for abs, but I think they want you to do situps because it's the harder exercise and they want you to do them, for endurance and core...

I think it would be awesome if they brought in the plank, and you had to do that for 5 minutes without failure, that would be easier to some degree but also hurt a lot more and strengthen your core.


Green Jackets

My best advice (I am far from an expert) if you are nervous work up to running 3 miles in 27 mins which is very achievable bearing in mind marines run it in 22 1/2 mins then you know for sure the time you need is well within what you are capable of


Right brilliant.

I have my BARB test now the wednesday after, then because I'm junior entry, I'm off to AFC Harrogate, should be good.

Thanks though man, I'll take notice of it.
On selection days, is the course flat when you have to run the 1.5 miles do you know?


Its flat


The courses are pretty much always flat although the one at the base im at now has a hilly section but my advise would be to start smashing the hills cos your gonna do a lot of em in Phase 1 and once you can get good on the hills the flat just seems effortless! :wink:


Ah, sweet mate.

So, could I intentionally get fitter by doing like Hill sprints on a treadmill?


Yes. Hill sprints are awesome. Do them.