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Britain Gives Pakistan 650 Million Pounds, WTF?


With our education system failing and cutbacks left,right and centre I refuse to believe the Tories give a damn about the children of Pakistan. Last I heard this is a country condsidered to be part of the axis of evil, a training ground for Taliban insugents and guilty of harbouring the recently deceased Osama Bin Liner. Also I read Pakistan have ordered 6 Chinese made nucular subs (and spend little of their own money on education) and the US (I thought we were singing off the same song sheet) are in talks to end their aid to this country.

What gives cos I sure as hell dont get it?


The gov't doesn't give a shit about you, only for your vote.


Yeah the feelings mutual, and I know I should vote but I dont, they're all villains.

But still, I dont get why they are funding the nucular program of a potential enemy...


I think the idea is to stop terrorism at its root cause. Educating the kids of Pakistan before they get brainwashed by the terrorists.

I think we'll just end up with smarter terrorists.

The torries will bring this country to the edge of ruin.


then stop arguing politics


This makes some sense at least and lol at smarter terrorists. Then there only problem is finding brave terrorists.


Im not, this is more of a quest for enlightenment. I mean if they didnt give it to Pakistan they would only spend it on debauchery, its not like we'd see the money.


The term for that is "Jizya". It's all very simple, infidels must pay jizya or die. Cut off that aid and see what happens.


If you don't vote then you have no place criticising the government for what they, in their position of vastly superior information, choose to do. They may all be villians, but some of those villians have different views on how the country should be run, and if you give a shit about anything around you or the country you should fucking man up and voice your opinion in the only real way you can.

And since when did pakistan become the source of all terror? I see you've been reading the daily mail. If you want facts I suggest you look elsewhere. Britain is a smart country, we have some of the smartest and best governement services on the planet, so if they think its in our interests to give money to them, thats good enough for me.


Haha I wouldnt be suprised. In fact this would be cool as I would then become a terrorist even more renound than the Jackel himself.


Thats my point, we have no idea what they are up to and I would like to know. Maybe then I would be behind it. I read the metro, that was a google job. Im not sure these people ARE that smart but if its good enough for your good self what am I worried about...


If you read a bit about british history and the evolution of the civil services you might have a little more faith in them. We are one of the best informed countries on the planet, and the history books are filled with examples of british ingenuity and smartness with regard to our moves on the international stage. Read a bit more and you might begin to trust those that are responsible for keeping our way of life secure.


You guys are in a sorry state:

  1. New Labour, Liberal Democrats, Tory and Conservative Parties virtually indistinguishable.

  2. Member of EU. Being dragged down by economic basket cases like Spain, Portugal, Greece etc. Soon to have Turkey as new EU member = 50 Million+ Muslims with EU citizenship.

  3. Anti-immigration/Islamisation party really a fucking neo-Nazi group even though most the members don't know it.

Nice photo. David Cameron hands over British tax payers' money to 'ally' that harbours bin Laden and has nuclear warheads and intercontinental balistic missile capability. Protection racket? Big smile for the cameras.


Yeah, he's right. Read up about Neville Chamberlain and more recently former London mayor Ken Livingstone. Also check out former MP George Galloway. Inspired leadership. You don't know what you've been missing out on. Don't forget ahem...'Lord' Ahmed either.


I'm not talking about the fucking politicians douchebag. They publicly make decisions but they ultimately do it based on information provided by the CIVIL SERVICE.


I cant believe it

Fuck muslims. These useless beings are dragging humanity into a new middle age.
Yeah fuck them and fuck you if you think that's racist. It's about a culture, a way of life and the general happiness of a society not a color of skin.


Do you have any idea what foreign "aid" is actually spent on. I'll give you a hint. During the soviet occupation of afghanistan, the 5 billion USD "given" as aid was spent on training and arming the taliban, and buying the stinger missiles instumental in the talibans eventual victory? You do also realise that fuel used by US forces in pakistan is paid for out of the foregin aid and makes up a very large part of it. The 1 billion dollar US embassy built there recently came out of the "aid" budget too. Us brits have interests in the region too, so it makes sense that we spend some money on whatever military operations are necessary to further our interests in the region.

Sensastionalism achieves nothing.


Pakistan has like a 50% literacy rate, they could use some help...


  1. That's very interesting in that the Taliban wasn't even formed until AFTER the Soviet withdrawal. You need to do some research before you believe left-wing bullshit. The US aided and supplied the 'Mujahideen' not the radical Islamist political group called 'The Taliban' that was created/trained/funded by the Pakistani ISI.

  2. Do you realise that Pakistan doesn't need 'aid' from the Western democracies? Did you realise that the $650 million protection money just paid is supposed to be for 'schools'(read madrassas). Did you realise that the Pakistanis are spending much of their own money on nuclear weapons technology from China? Did you realise that China released a statement in support of Pakistan the day following the raid telling us we need to support Pakistan's 'war on terror'?


I thought you were referring to British 'ingenuity and smartness with regard to moves on the international stage'? I thought the heads of the civil services are appointed by the government. I thought that ministerial departments comprised such civil services as 'Education', 'Transport', 'Health', 'Work and Pensions' etc. I thought whenever the government wants advice from the civil services it spends tax payers' money on an 'enquiry' headed by its own fucking Minister for that department.