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Brisbane Gyms

I have a friend who is studying abroad in Brisbane for the spirng semester and he told me that Fitness First owns all the gyms in the city and that it’s 25$ a week, (discounted price).

Is this really the only place to train in that city?

I need the help of some locals who might be on this site to find another place.

Brisbane, Australia?

If so there are heaps of better options. Which uni are you going to? Where are you living? On campus?

What’re you after? There’s the University of QLD gym with some strong powerlifters, and I can probably ask some of the guys if you were after a more bodybuilding friendly gym.

he lives at A67/ 41 Gotha Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland 4006.

School= ACU, Australian Catholic University.

Any help you guys can give will be greatly appreciated.

There are a few gyms in the valley and surrounding suburbs.

Biologic labs is good, but it’s more of a personal training studio.

My suggestion was going to be the UQ gym or UQ powerlifting club both a bus or train trip from the valley. If he wants hardcore bbing, Thors at Westend/south Brisbane. Again a bit of a trip but better than Finance First.

anythings better than fitness first and facebook even has a whole page dedicated to haters of them.

if he’s in the valley, there’s a police youth club just down the road on wickham st, its been many years since i went there and dont know what the quality of the equipment is like, a little further down the road again is a goodlife gym (a lifestyle gym with facilities much like fitness first)

if he wants to go into the cbd itself, tell him the goodlife gym at the wintergarden on the mall has a few competitive natural bodybuilders, a couple who actually work there as PT’s

i’m waiting on an SMS from a powerlifting friend who trains in the area, so will give you their details once at hand

unfortunately gyms in aus are pretty expensive, unless you buy an annual membership and pay in advance. my goodlife membership cost me approx $750

hope that helps

i just reread your post and saw that he’s going to ACU which is near where i live.

he could try goodlife at chermside which is Huge and theres plent of equipment, machines etc however the dumbbells only go to 50kg(110lbs) but at least there’s 2 pair.

he could try optima at clayfield which is on sandgate rd and halfway between his home and college

healthworks at hendra is also between his home and college and has a pool and 3 tennis courts

disclaimer:i haven’t been inside optima or healthworks so dont know the quality or availability of their equipment

Thanks a lot guys I’ll let him know.