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Bringing up the Medial Delts


Hey guys just needed a tip on how to alter my shoulder routine to specifically target the medial delts. I seem to be lacking in that wide delt look that adds to the v taper. My current shoulder routine looks like this:

Seated shoulder press (behind the neck) 4 X 6-8
Upright row 4 X 6-8
Lateral raises 5 X 8-10
Bent over later raises 3 X 10-12

I train at home, so i dont have access to machines

Thanks for any tips


looks good, it's not about machines or anything..it's about intensity.


Behind the neck push presses- high weight, low-rep sets


Medial delts have always been a trouble spot for me. Here's what I have done and seen some good progress in recent months.

The biggest change I made was taking rear delt training out of my shoulder routine. I do them on a separate day with traps. This gives me more time and energy to focus on the middle and front. Anyway

DB military press 4 x 10-12
Front raises across the body 3 x 8-12
Wide grip upright rows in a smith machine 4 x 10-12
Lateral raise machine 3 x 8-12

Dumbell side laterals never hit my middle delts hard enough because of the strength imbalance. My anterior delts are much stronger and would take over no matter how strict I kept the form.

Recently I've been doing 7 sets on the lateral raise machine with 45 seconds rest between sets. Hoping to get a little fascial stretching from it.


Oh i wasn't trying to say i needed machines, just that i couldn't use them if they recommended it. And the intensities a given, i always strive to work my hardest. Just looking for something to really emphasise them


Yeah dude i really wish i had access to something like that, where i could really target them. Or possibly something like a cable lateral raise with constant tension. You're program looks pretty solid, do you work in traps and rear delts with back or on a separate day with other misc. body parts like abs and forearms?

And i've found that if i point my thumbs towards the ground, and keep my elbows up i can get a pretty good mind-muscle connection, and hit them pretty hard


I do my delts on saturdays and rear delts and traps on sunday. I train back on monday.

Yeah, I tried that form with dumbells and it certainly worked better than just heaving the weight around.

You may want to try side lateral raises where you start with your torso at an angle. Hold onto to something and lean away from it. I used to like doing this but eventually got bored of it. It's worth a try, I think


Sure sounds good, where should i put though? like as a sub for the normal lateral raises or just add some more in?


Yea I used to do them instead of regular side laterals

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Your volume is high - you may do well to switch to a lower volume for a bit - different rep range, etc.

However, try this which will fit straight in to replace your current session; (train rear delts with back)

1) Muscle clean and press; 3x6-10
2) Seated DB overhead press; 3x6-12
3) Power side raises; 3x6-12
4) Seated side raise w/standing side raise drop sets; 3x8-15

1) A controlled hang clean into a press - towards the end allow knees to assist press portion of the lift.
Avoid letting the low back assist at any point though.
2) On failure gram 2 light DB's and hold out to the side at 90 degrees for a static hold
3) a)Heavy weight (relatively), elbows bent to 90 degrees
b)Alternatively do an incline uni-lateral side raise, lying on your side on an incline bench. 3x8-15
4) Controlled ecc and conc. as you begin to fatigue use power on conc and control ecc, then after failure stand up and do side raises with body english.

You could also do some staggered sets during any other training sessions.


One exercise people don't do often, and neither do I unless I specialize delts for a period of time, simply because the volume becomes to high.

But since you already do upright rows you could just tweak the grip. If you do your upright rows with a very wide grip, say 4 inches or so beyond shoulder width, it targets the medial delts well.

(Yes I know that post was poor grammer.syntax/english whatever, but I'm feeling lazy)


Ok cool routine, ill give it a try for this cycle and i'll tell you how it goes. I didn't think the volume was the problem though, just possibly the exercise selection. Getting kinda off topic, but do the shoulders respond better to higher reps with lower weight, or higher weight with lower reps?

And i did give those a try, they worked really well. Especially with a pull to the neck, and some body english towards the end of the set. Oh and i don't really care that much about grammar. I've been around here for awhile (different account) and everyone gets flamed as soon as they forget to start a sentance without a capital letter, so i just try and watch mine.