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Bringing Up Lagging Muscles After Injury

Hi Coach,
Quite a while back I suffered a lower back injury that presents in my left hip, and I stopped lifting while in physical therapy. The injury is well on its way to recovery and I am back to lifting again. However, due to favoring the left leg, it is significantly lagging behind the right leg in size and strength. I am performing unilateral l movements (hack squat, seated cable leg curl, leg extension, calf raise) to bring that leg up. However, I am not sure the best way to program it to help equalize it, as in more reps, sets, etc, for that leg.
Hoping you can provide some recommendations.
Thank you Coach!

I would not recommend more reps as it essentially means using less load (which you are likely already using). I would do two things:

  1. Done one more set for the lagging size on every exercise
  2. At every non-leg workout I would add 3 sets of one exercise only the the lagging side, not going super heavy, focusing on the mind-muscle connection (I like the stato-dynamic pre-fatigue method of holding the positon of highest tension for 15-20 seconds prior to the sets and then immediately doing your reps).
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Perfect, thank you Coach. Greatly appreciated!!